It’s a fiesta! To get that perfect Mexican look, get all the colors and themes right with these Cinco de Mayo party decor. Just what you need to get into the Cinco de Mayo spirit!

1. Fiesta Photo Booth Props

Cinco de Mayo Photo Booth Props

Get the excitement up with these booth props which can be used as décor as well. With 32 items to use, it is easy to assemble and is an all-in-one party kit for a great fiesta to remember. Both boys and girls will love the fun it gives. Get this DIY party kit, have photos taken and get the fiesta look! Use as centerpieces for twice the party fun!

2. Fun Express Small Fiesta Donkeys

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta Donkey Party Favors

No party is ever complete without these striped and colorful donkeys which can be used as party centerpieces, decorations or party favors for kids. It is made of vinyl and measures 3 inches for compact fun! Get the party decked out in donkeys, for that perfect fiesta look and a great party as well.

3. Donkey Piñata

Cinco de Mayo Donkey Piñata

What’s a Cinco de Mayo without a Piñata? This adorable donkey is made out of paper mache. It measures 9.5 inches by 21 inches and can be stuffed with candy or even small toys. Piñatas are traditionally hit with a stick to get all the goodies pouring out. But these days, some piñatas just need a tug via a dangling string that’s holding the bottom of the piñata together. Either way, this donkey piñata is a sure hit among kids!

4. Piñata, Cactus and Sombrero Lawn Decorations

Cinco de Mayo Lawn Decorations

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with pride and take it outside! These lawn décor will greet guests and put a smile on anyone’s face, invited or not. The piñata, cactus and sombrero combo adds fun colors and brings about a festive atmosphere. Everyone in the neighborhood will be talking about it!

5. Mini Wooden Maracas Mexican Fiesta

Ciinco de Mayo Wooden Maracas

These colorful maracas will look great lined up or arranged in a shallow bowl on a table near the party entrance. But they’re not just eye-candy! Guests will have a blast shaking a beat for Cinco de Mayo too! You can also pack them up as party favors after the celebration. That’s if the kids didn’t get to them yet, as these mini wooden maracas are perfect for little hands!

Although these Cinco de Mayo party decorations are sure to bring on the festivities, don’t forget what Mexicans (and now the U.S. too) are truly celebrating today – the Mexican army’s triumph over the French at the Battle of Puebla. Happy Cinco de Mayo to everyone!

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