With tiny homes growing into popularity nowadays, the emergence of garden sheds and greenhouses are also on the rise. The increase in these small houses and spaces are all due to the attempts of people to live simply and to only own that they really need. She sheds are now becoming a popular trend because of their cute and dainty appearance. Each she shed is customizable based on the owner’s preference.

What are She Sheds?

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If men can have their man caves, women can also have their very own private sanctuary where they can work on their projects, relax, unwind, and feel at peace. These small spaces where women can enjoy their hobbies and interests are called she sheds. These tiny sheds are the equivalent or man caves. Creating she sheds are a great idea if you want a small space that you can call your own.

Beautiful She Shed Inspirations

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If you have a tiny and unused shed at home, you can transform it into a beautiful place that you can hang out in easily. All you need to do is a bit of cleaning, renovating, and decorating. You’ll have your very own she shed in no time. Check out these she shed inspirations to help you get started.

A White She Shed Sanctuary

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Keep everything plain and simple by using different white decorations and elements for your she shed. White paint and white furniture can transform a rusty, old shed into a relaxing haven right in your backyard. A touch of greens and a bit of colorful decors can also help in livening up the space. Just remember to take into consideration the amount of space you have for your shed so all the furniture you’re planning on putting in it can fit. You can shop for the decors here:

1. Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable DIY Greenhouse 2. Sheer White Curtains 3. Casa Andrea Milano Modern Leather Configurable Couch 4. Trex Outdoor Rocking Chair 5. Decorative Silk Tree

You can also find more home and décor pieces that you can put into your white she shed here:

A Tiny Open Space

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Here’s another she shed inspiration that makes use of natural light. This tiny space has clear doors and windows that allow natural light to come in. You can use this as a tiny office space or a reading room where you can spend some time alone. You can finally achieve peace and quiet after a long day. Elements such as a tiny home office table and accent chairs can help liven up the space. You can install blinds in your she shed in case you find it a bit hot when it gets too sunny. They provide shade as well as additional décor to your space. You can also try using these decorative pieces and furniture:

1. Allwood Arlanda Garden House Kit 2. Set of 2 Mid-Century Modern Eames Style Stenciled Chairs 3. Stone & Beam Carrigan Modern Slipcover Sofa 4. Ameriwood Home London Hobby Desk 5. Radiance Cape Cod Bamboo Roman Sheds with Valance

You can also try getting these unique pieces for your tiny space:

A Personal Reading Room

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If you want silence as you enjoy reading your favorite book, a she shed is perfect for you. You can create your own personal reading space that’s away from the noise of your home. Retreat to your backyard and relax as you read a book or two. Of course, you need a bookshelf for your tiny reading space as well as a comfy reading chair or couch. You can also add a table and a chair so you can enjoy a cup of coffee or hot chocolate as you read. Get these pieces for your reading she shed:

1. Handy Home Products Phoenix Solar Shed 2. Baxton Studio New Semester Bookshelf 3. Alfred Gray Fabric Club Chair with Ottoman 4. Tamiami 3-Piece Bistro Dining Set 5. Sea Gull Lighting Jamestowne Two-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern

You can also incorporate these home and décor pieces to your she shed:

Studies show that more women feel stressed than men. She sheds are a great idea to help women unwind and relax by giving them a space of their own. These tiny spaces are more than just decorative elements that you can add at home. They can be a sanctuary where women can also explore their hobbies and enjoy other activities aside from working and keeping the household together. Read TeelieTurner.com for more home and décor trends.


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