Do you ever feel like you won’t have a good day the moment you wake up? Was there a time you felt like all the odds were never in your favor? Are there instances when you doubt yourself? If you’re answer to these questions is yes, then you are not alone. With what’s happening nowadays, there are moments when you can’t help but feel down.

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If you feel like giving up or you’ve lost hope, switch on your positive attitude! There are no limits to what a positive attitude and positive thinking can do. In fact, this September 13 is Positive Thinking Day. It’s that one time every year when you set aside everything and concentrate on positive thinking. It’s a perfect time to reassess your goals and even practice your positive attitude.


How to Develop Your Positive Attitude



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A positive attitude may be hard to come by, especially during these times. However, it’s a skill or value that can be developed over time. If you feel like your positive outlook in life is dwindling away, try these useful tips that can help you develop it as a habit.


1. Start everything with positive affirmations.



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Affirmations are encouragements that can change the way you look at your entire day, and even your whole life. Start your day with a positive encouragement and it will do wonders. A simple “I can do this!” can get you inspired and motivated right from the moment you open your eyes.


2. Focus on all the good things.



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There is no such thing as the perfect day. Even if you’re experiencing a bad one, you can still focus on all the good things that happened to you. It’s always a good practice to focus on the good things no matter the size. Even the smallest victory counts. Count your blessings. Concentrate on the challenges that you were able to overcome – even if that challenge is being able to get out of bed.


3. Turn your failures into life lessons.


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You weren’t able to get the job that you want? You didn’t close the deal? Don’t worry! These failures are just stepping stones to something bigger, better, and brighter. Realize your faults in every situation where you think you failed and learn from them. Each failure that you experience means an opportunity to learn something good from it.


4. Focus on the now.



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Planning ahead is a good way to keep your head and your goals on the right track. However, thinking ahead too much can keep you away from what’s happening right now. Focus on the present and make the most out of it. Forget what happened in the past and don’t think too much of what might happen in the future. Count your blessings right now and be thankful. This way, you will always have a positive way of looking at things.


5. Surround yourself with the right people.



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This last tip is one of the most important advice you will ever receive. You need to surround yourself with the right people – the ones who can have a positive impact on you. Let go of all the toxic people you know as they might be able to drag you down. Find the right mentor, a positive group of friends, and helpful acquaintances, who will be able to provide you with the right advice, change you for the better, and influence you in a positive way.

A positive attitude is hard to find during these troubling times. However, with practice and the right mindset, you can find the good in every person and every situation you may find yourself in.


Promote Positive Attitude at Home with These!



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Allow positivity to radiate in your homes and spread to everyone! A simple yet meaningful wall art can make a big difference on your mood. Even a little sticker can help make your day better. These artworks and affirmations can help you develop a positive attitude right now.

(1) GraphicTurtleSticker Positivitea Sticker

Who wouldn’t feel better after seeing this cute sticker? It’s a pun-ny way to start the day positively. The sticker is scratch and tear resistant. You can choose between a laptop sticker or a water bottle sticker. Order yours now on Etsy.

(2) IndigoLark Set of 46 Self Esteem Phrase Rainbow Stickers

Stick positivity on all your stuff to remind you that there’s always a bright side. This 46 sticker set will let you stay positive every time you feel down or during days when you feel like giving up. All stickers have a matte finish. You can purchase a set from Etsy.

(3) ILovePrintable Positive Mind, Positive Vibes, Positive Life Artwork

Liven up your wall with something positive. This artwork has a minimalist style but it can spread positive vibes in your home. This is available for digital download in various sizes – 5×7, 8×10, 16×20, 18×24, and A3 formats. You can get this from Etsy.

(4) ArtPrintsFactory Kids Positive Affirmation Print

This artwork is perfect for your kids’ bedrooms or playrooms. Having a positive attitude can start early as the childhood years. It features a colorful design with positive affirmation that even a child needs. This artwork is available in different sizes – 8×10 inches, 11×14 inches, 16×20 inches, A4, and A3. You can order this from Etsy.

(5) MadeOutOfLine Always Remember You Are Braver Typography Wall Art

If you need reassurance everyday, get this wall art! It’s a manifestation of how brave, strong, smart, and loved you are. Even if you’re having a bad day, this is a reminder that you are blessed beyond compare. These are available in A1, A2, A3, A4, and A5 sizes. Order yours now on Etsy.

(6) MadeOutOfLine Today Is A Good Day for a Good Day Scandinavian Art

Here’s another artwork that’s perfect for the kids’ room or even your own. You can also place it on your office walls for an added color and reminder. This artwork is also an affirmation that no matter what happens or how you’re feeling in the morning, it’s always going to be a good day as long as you are positive. You can order this on Etsy.

(7) ArtPrintsFactory Motivational Wall Décor Inspirational Wall Art

There will come a time when you will doubt yourself and your capabilities, especially when you experience something bad. However, let this wall art remind you that you hold the power to change how your day or your life will turn out. It’s telling you to believe in yourself and to trust in your capabilities. Everything else will follow. You can order this artwork from Etsy.

(8) TamarasArtandPrints You Will Always Be Enough Poem Printable

Here’s a very personal poem for your kids or even you. It’s a reminder that no matter what happens, you are enough. Even during the darkest of your days, when you feel like you let someone down, you are enough for someone who loves you for who you are. This meaningful poem is not just a wall décor but also a positive affirmation for you. Purchase this digital artwork from Etsy.

(9) ShopCozieDesign Women Positive Affirmation Cards

Stay mentally, spiritually, and physically positive with the help of these empowerment cards. These are simple yet effective way to practice self care and positivity. Each set includes 20 cardstock affirmation cards that help brighten your mood and improve your positive attitude. These cards are 4×6 inches. You can purchase them from Etsy.

(10) ShopCozieDesign Kids Positive Affirmation Cards

Positive thinking and having a positive attitude isn’t just for adults. Kids can also develop this way of thinking. These affirmation cards are made especially for little kids. They’ll be able to learn how to practice self love and learn how to develop a winning attitude. You can grab a set from Etsy.


More positive artworks and printables are available here:

On Positive Thinking Day, take time to practice self care. Learn how to love yourself in order to allow positivity in your way of life. Positive thinking may be difficult to do during these times but it will help not only yourself but also everyone around you to be able to look past all the negative events that are happening. Positive thinking is a great way to cope with what’s going on, as well as a good practice to master.

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