If you felt like 2018 went by like a blur, you might feel like you’ve spent the entire year without having a plan. You may feel like your 2018 was a disorganized year, you now have a fresh new year to start getting organized. Decluttering and planning helps you stay focused on your goals for the brand new 365 days that you have. So, organize your 2019 using these helpful tips.

1. Go paperless.

As days go by, we tend to accumulate paper clutter without even knowing it. There are instances when you keep your credit card, utilities, or subscription billing statements on your files after you’ve paid them. You may have acquired magazines, newspapers, and other forms of publication throughout the year. Now, they just sit on your desk or table, untouched. This 2019, limit your paper clutter by going paperless. Try using online subscriptions for your newspapers and magazines. Opt for an e-statement for your billing statements. This way, you can minimize or even eliminate your paper clutter. However, there are certain documents that cannot be thrown away. These documents may be important that you need a copy for reference. To avoid losing them or leaving them anywhere, you can use these organizers. These tools will help you organize your files easily.

(1) For your important files: Office Dimensions 18-Inch Deep 2-Drawer Premier Height File Cabinet, Amazon (2) For your monthly bills: Smead Cascading Wall Organizer, Michaels (3) For your magazines: Open Cube Organizer by Ashland, Michaels (4) For your books: Gigi Lavender Bookcase, One Kings Lane (5) For your newspaper: InterDesign Rain Newspaper and Magazine Holder, Amazon

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2. Organize your digital files.

Not all clutters are visible. There is also digital clutter, which may cause you to lose track of your tasks if you fail to organize them. Organize your files on your laptop, computer, mobile phone, tablet, and other smart devices this 2019. Remove the apps that you no longer use. Keep all your digital files organized – alphabetical, numerical, or whatever filing method is easier for you. You can store and organize your old files in an external hard drive to make room for new ones. Use these gadgets to help you store your digital files easily.

(1) Western Digital 8TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive, Amazon (2) Buffalo MiniStation Extreme NFC USB 1TB, Amazon (3) Samsung T1 Portable 1TB USD, Amazon (4) Western Digital 4TB Elements Portable External Hard Drive, Amazon (5) Seagate Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive 4TB, Amazon

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3. Remove your desk clutter.

A messy desk can be a sign of a messy mind. It’s difficult to work on a desk that’s too cluttered. You may find it difficult to concentrate when your office supplies are all over the place. This 2019, commit to keeping your desk organized at all times to you won’t have a hard time concentrating on your work. Organize your desk easily using these simple yet effective tools.

(1) Spinning Craft Organizer by Recollections, Michaels (2) Desktop Cube Storage Organizer By Ashland, Michaels (3) Everything Mary Desktop Organizer, Michaels (4) Desktop Organizer with Marker Storage By Ashland, Michaels (5) Organizer Cube 4-Shelf By Ashland, Michaels

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4. Plan your day.

Lastly, organize your day so you won’t forget any task that you need to accomplish. Planning your finances, goals, and to-do lists can help you be more productive and focused. Use a trusty planner to jot down whatever tasks you need to complete. We’ve found these beautiful planners that can help you get organized this 2019.

(1) Teresa Collins 6”x8” Planner in Metallic Gold, Michaels (2) Create 365 The Classic Happy Planner in Mermaidesque, Michaels (3) Creative Year Gold and Ivory Stripes Planner by Reecollections, Michaels (4) Teresa Collins Leopard Planner, Michaels (5) Heidi Swapp Personal 12-Month Planner, Michaels

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Organize your 2019 by following these tips. These tips will help you maximize the 365 opportunities that will come your way this New Year. You can visit TeelieTurner.com for more lifestyle ideas, tips, and tricks. You can also read our beauty resolutions this 2019 here:

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