Tips on How to Show Appreciation to Homeschooling Parents

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Let’s face it. The world is still changing day by day. The way we used to do things are no longer allowed such as going out to our favorite restaurant, going to the office, and even sending our kids to their schools. Most parents are now face with the task of homeschooling their children, whether they like it or not. As a result, many are struggling with how they can get their work done. There are ups and downs to homeschooling but there will surely come a time when parents get burnout because of the stress and pressure. If your home has at least one parent who does homeschool, it’s time to show how you appreciate their efforts in keeping the kids educated and well-informed. Here’s some simple ways you can show your appreciation to homeschooling parents.

Appreciating Homeschooling Parents

homeschooling, homeschooling parents

A lot of patience and time goes into homeschooling. Those who are doing homeschool right now know it can be difficult, especially when the kids cannot concentrate or are preoccupied. Despite the hardships, it’s still rewarding for the parents to see the fruits of their labor. Homeschooling parents can sometimes be underappreciated so we thought of some ways to show how much we are thankful for their efforts. These are some ways you can tell you appreciate them:


1. Prepare their favorite drink. This may be a simple gesture but a homeschooling parent will really appreciate a hot drink whether it’s coffee, hot chocolate, or tea. Those who are busy may forget about their drink so in the end, they have a cold mug of whatever they made first thing in the morning. Show how much you appreciate your homeschooling parent by simply allowing them to take a break and drink a hot beverage.


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2. Write (and draw) how you feel. If you cannot say how much you’re thankful for your teacher-slash-parent, you can simply write them down. You can add some decals and drawings to show that you really took the effort to create a meaningful gift for them. A personalized gift is better, since it will surely tug heartstrings.


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3. Give them a day off. Finally, give your homeschooling parent a break. Even if it’s for just an hour or a day, they will appreciate it. They could use the break from planning lessons, checking projects, and grading the kids’ school work.


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Don’t limit yourself with these three tips. You can be as creative as you want. Treat mom or dad to a homemade dinner. You can even organize an event for them at home just to show your thankful for everything that they’re doing.

Gifts for Homeschooling Parents

homeschooling, homeschooling parents

We also curated these gifts so you can show how much you love your homeschooling parents. Check out our top 10 choices.

(1) Homeschool Fuel Coffee Mug

Coffee is a must have for everyone. This also applies to homeschooling parents. A customized mug is a nice gift idea for someone who knows the hardships of homeschooling. Get this quirky mug for homeschooling parents. It can brighten up a stressful day of teaching. You can choose between 11 and 15 fluid ounces. You can order one from Etsy.

(2) Homeschool Mom Mug

There’s no denying that not everyone signed up for being a homeschooling mom. However, with everything’s that’s happening these days, almost all kids are forced to study at home. This mug is a funny reminder that being a homeschooling mom is not for everyone. It’s a great way to approach something that we don’t have control over. This mug is a funny gift that (most) homeschoolers may find witty. Purchase this from Etsy.

(3) Homeschool Gift Travel Mug

Since there are times when busy parents forget to enjoy their hot coffee, this travel mug is a perfect way to help them keep their drink hot. This handmade mug features a funny statement that most homeschooling parents these days can relate to. You can grab your personalized travel mug from Etsy.

(4) Weird Thanks Thank You Card

A thank you card is always a sweet gift idea, especially when what’s written inside is from the heart. Your homeschooling parent will appreciate this because of its witty design, as well as what you’re going to write inside it. Order this now on Etsy.

(5) You’re a Homeschool Hero Lockdown Card for Parents or Teacher

Here’s another thank you card especially made for the heroes of learning during lockdown. Your parent-turned-teacher is going to love this. You can write something meaningful inside the card for an added sweetness. You can buy this from Etsy.

(6) Engraved Homeschooling Pencils

These engraved pencils are also a cool gift idea for homeschooling parents. You can choose from a variety of colors or you can have these pencils in assorted colors in one set. Each set includes 13 engraved pencils with the phrases: “Adulting So Hard,” “Ask Dad,” “I Need Chocolate,” “Jesus & Coffee,” Homeschooling My Tribe,” “Lead Learner,” “I Can’t Even,” “Snack Dealer,” “Chaos Coordinator,” “#Homeschooling,” “No. Not Today.,” “Getting Stuff Done,” and “First Coffee Then Homeschool.” These are just too cute not to give to someone! Order a set or two from Etsy.

(7) Funny Homeschool is My Cardio T-Shirt

Put a smile on your parent/teacher’s face by giving him or her this funny shirt. It’s true that homeschooling can be tiring so this design is fitting. We’re sure that any parent-turned-educator will have a good laugh. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(8) Alexa, Homeschool the Kids Vegan Soy Candle

This scented candle can also bring laughs to anyone you will give it to. You can personalize this candle from the scent to its size. Some of the featured scents are Lavender, Sea Salt and Orchid, Cucumber Melon, Lush Linen, Very Vanilla, Black Raspberry Vanila, and many more. You can customize your own candle on Etsy.

(9) I’m Essential Unisex T-Shirt

Empower your homeschool teacher with this “I’m Essential” shirt. You can choose from a variety of shirt colors and from 4 different sizes. This simple design speaks volumes. Teachers are often underappreciated and we now know for sure that teaching kids is not an easy task. You can purchase one from Etsy.

(10) The Tiny Humans Stole My Sanity Funny Vegan Soy Candle

This is another version of the “Alexa, Homeschool the Kids” personalized candle. Other featured scents include Apple and Maple Bourbon, Hazelnut Coffee, Honeysuckle Jasmine, Pumpkin Souffle, Frosted Juniper, Red Sangria, Black Sea, and many more. There are also 4 different sizes to choose from. You can order now on Etsy.


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Now that almost every parent has experienced being a teacher to their children, they can relate to the hardships and difficulties that teachers face. Patience may run out but the love for learning still wins. These simple, yet sweet gifts for homeschooling parents are going to put a smile on their faces. These gifts will show how thankful you are for their efforts and their dedication to teaching the kids. If you didn’t find anything from out top 10 choices, you might find some that you might like to give below:

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