Top 10 Baby Gadgets that Make it Easier for New Moms to Handle Their Newborns

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Newborns are cute and adorable. However, there are times when they can be a handful. They require frequent feeding, they can be fussy, and there are times when they just cannot sleep. If you are a new mom, it can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t get enough help and sleep while taking care of your newborn. Don’t worry Mommy! We’re here to help you. Try these top 10 baby gadgets that can help make it easier for you to take care of your baby as well as yourself.

Top 10 Baby Gadgets that Make it Easier for New Moms to Handle Their Newborns

1. EMBER Ceramic Mug

Moms start their day with a hot cup of coffee or tea. However, because they always have their hands full, they don’t finish their drink to the last drop. Luckily there’s EMBER. This is a smart mug, with a ceramic cup and a coaster, that warms up the drink throughout the entire day. You can even adjust your drink’s temperature, depending on your preference. You can purchase it here.

2. Dreambaby Room and Bath Thermometer

Bath thermometers make it easier for you to know if your baby’s bath is at the right temperature. You don’t have to guess and figure out if your baby’s bath water is safe enough for your little one to bath in. Just use this thermometer and you’ll immediately know if the water’s ready. Buy it here.

3. Graco EveryWay Soother with Removable Rocker

Give your arms a break and use this baby rocker to rock your baby to sleep. You can also use this to keep your baby calm while you concentrate on your other tasks at home. This rocker is comfortable and safe for your newborn, making it easier for you to rest even just for a few minutes. You can get one here.

4. Project Nursery Baby Monitor System

Keep tabs on your baby while he or she sleeps in the nursery. This baby monitor is perfect for new moms who are still adjusting to motherhood. You can check if your baby is still sleeping through this monitor. Grab yours here.

5. Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer

Prepare your baby’s milk or drink in no time. This bottle warmer warms up your breastmilk as well as baby food easily. You won’t panic whenever your little one cries and demands milk. You can buy it here.

Top 10 Baby Gadgets that Make it Easier for New Moms to Handle Their Newborns

6. Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Make sure your baby breathes easily when they sleep by purchasing this cool mist humidifier. It increases the moisture content of your baby’s room, helping him or her breath and sleep better. It also aids in relieving dry cough, nasal congestion, and flu symptoms. Purchase one here.

7. Philips Avent Microwave Steam Sterilizer

Clean your baby’s bottles easily with the help of this microwave steam sterilizer. You can easily sterilize them in a matter of minutes. It kills 99.9% of the harmful germs in baby bottles. It’s also lightweight and compact, making it easier for you to bring it whenever you travel. Get one here.

8. Marpac Dohm Elite Sound Machine

Create a soothing sleeping environment for your baby using this sound machine. It aids in helping infants sleep soundly during the night. As a result, moms can also catch up on their much needed sleep. You can grab one here.

9. Arm’s Reach Euro Mini 2-in-1 Ezee Co-Sleeper Bassinet

This uniquely designed crib and bassinet are ideal if you plan on co-sleeping with your baby but still want to provide protection for him or her. You can place this beside your bed and can easily reach your baby when he or she demands something. You don’t have to worry about accidentally hitting your baby when you’re sleeping. Purchase this here.

10. Mobi Dual Scan Prime Ear and Forehead Digital Thermometer

If you’re constantly worried about your fussy baby and you have a hard time checking his or her temperature, it’s time to buy this forehead thermometer. It reads your little one’s temperature in a matter of seconds. Buy this here.

The first months of motherhood can be difficult. These top 10 baby gadgets can help new moms keep their sanity when taking care of their newborns. For more pregnancy-related posts here:


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