Rebuilding men’s wardrobe is a meticulous process. You need to have a step-by-step guide to help you toss what you don’t need and keep the essentials. We’ve come up with budget-friendly style tips that will make it easier for you to update your wardrobe.

Why a Wardrobe Overhaul Matters

wardrobe overhaul

Rebuilding your wardrobe gives you a fresh, clean start. If you are overwhelmed by all the clutter in your closet, it’s a good idea to start organizing things. A wardrobe overhaul also helps you save money because it allows you to maximize the use of every piece of clothing that you include in your closet. Lastly, you get to take control of your fashion and style. After all, fashion is all about being confident in whatever you wear. Let’s get started, shall we?

Tip #1: Do the Purge

01 laundry basket

Before you add anything to your closet, it’s best to evaluate each item that you already have. Raid your wardrobe and assess which ones to toss and which ones to keep. It’s best to place them into separate bins. One bin is for keeping and the other one for tossing or donating. Get a couple of these Steele Vertical Canvas Laundry Bin to make it easier for you to sort everything out in your closet. Buy each for $129.96 at Crate & Barrel.

Tip #2: List Things Down

02 planner

Create a list of all the essential fashion items that you need everyday. Listing things down allows you to have a clear goal when it comes to organizing your closet. It prevents you from overspending and purchasing items that you don’t need. Create your list using the Sloane Stationery Don’t Forget Pocket Journal and Pencil Set. Get it for $50 at AHALIFE.

Tip #3: Go Shopping

03 wallet

Once you’re done with your list, it’s now time to shop. However, you need to remember to stick to your budget. If you have a certain limit for your closet overhaul, you need to stick to it. Avoid bringing extra cash with you while you shop to avoid overspending. This Pureaid Mini Multi Pockets RFID Aluminum Wallet is small enough to carry just the amount you need for shopping. Buy it for $7.19 at Walmart.

Tip #4: Purchase Pants and Jeans

04 pants

You need to choose pants and jeans that have the right fit on you. Straight-leg jeans are a great pair to start with. It’s not too skinny and has the right cut to fit any man. You should also buy a pair of dress pants for your business casual attire. The 7 For All Mankind Standard Jeans is a great pick. Buy it for $109 at 7 For All Mankind. For your business pants, you can try the Canali Pleated Trousers. Purchase it for only $129.98 at Nordstrom.

Tip #5: Buy Essential Tops

05 shirts

Crew neck shirts and dress shirts are also staples when updating men’s wardrobe. Crew neck shirts are great for daily wear and dress shirts are perfect for work and business attire. Try the Jerald Crew Neck Shirt for $50 at Reiss. For your business shirt, get the Ralph Lauren Slim Fit No Iron Cotton Dress Shirt for $75 at Zappos.

Tip #6: Choose a Blazer

06 blazer

To complete your business casual look, you need a blazer. Select one that’s easy to pair with your dress pants. Solid colors such as navy blues and blacks are perfect. You can try the Peter Millar Classic Fit Windowpane Wool Sport Coat. Buy it for $237.98 at Nordstrom.

Tip #7: Choose a Jacket

07 hoodie

For casual wear, you also need a jacket. Choose one with a hoodie so it’s versatile and functional. Get the Stanley Men’s Hoodie for $45 at Walmart.

Tip #8: Select the Right Shoes

08 shoes

You need casual and business shoes. Choose comfort over style when it comes to casual shoes. However, if you’re planning on purchasing business shoes, you need to be wary of the style and color. Get the Adidas Supernova Stability Running Shoes for your casual shoes. Buy it for $130 at Zappos. For your business wear, try the ECCO Cairo Formal Tie Men’s Shoes for $96.87 at

Tip #9: Find Fashion Accessories

09 tie

Belts, hats, neckties, socks, and other fashion accessories are also important to complete your wardrobe. You need a belt that has the same color as your formal shoes. You also need neckties for your business wear. Get the Albie Navy Crocodile Embossed Satin Leather Belt for $188 at Jimmy Choo. If you need new neckties, you can get the Tie Bar Grenafaux Dots Necktie for $19 at The Tie Bar.

Tip #10: Get Organized

10 hanger

Once you’ve sorted out everything you need, it’s time to get organized. You need hangers, storage boxes, and organizers to keep your closet tidy. Buy this Generic Non Slip Clothes Hanger for $44.21 at Walmart.


Keeping a list of all the essentials will help you stick with our budget-friendly style tips. You don’t need to spend too much as there are instances when you already have the items you need in your closet. You just need to update them. Try out these tips to avoid breaking the bank while doing a closet overhaul.


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