Maintaining a regular exercise schedule can be a bit difficult especially if you’re always busy. Instead of allotting an hour to pump iron or run on the treadmill, you prefer finishing work or attending to clients. If you have a hectic lifestyle, you don’t have to worry about failing to visit the gym regularly. You can just bring the gym to your home. These exercises you can do at home are easy and they only last for a few minutes.

01 warrior

1. Warrior

This yoga pose helps tone your core and legs. Stand with your feet together and lift one leg while you drop your head and body to form a straight line. Keep your arms to your sides and keep your core engaged. Don’t let your standing leg buckle. Hold the position for 5 breaths before you return to your standing position slowly.
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02 Side Plank

2. Side Plank

From a regular plank position, start on one side, feet together. One forearm should be below the shoulder. Raise your hips and keep your core contracted. Make sure that your body forms a straight line from your head to your feet. Hold your position and avoid dropping your hips for one minute. Repeat the side plank on the other side. You can raise your free arm for added difficulty.
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10 Body Solid Tools Vinyl Dumbell Set

3. Lunges

Stand with your feet together. Step and bend one leg forward to lunge. Make sure you bend low in a sturdy position. For added difficulty, you can do the lunges with weights on both hands. This dumbell set is $249 from Target.

03 Push Up

4. Push Ups

Start the workout with a normal push up position. Do repetitive push ups for 25 reps. Repeat for 2 rounds if you’re a beginner. You can increase rounds for more difficulty. Keep your wrists protected while doing pushups with these workout gloves. Get them at Target for $29.99.

07 Nike Jump Rope

5. Jump Rope

For a simple but effective cardio workout, try doing jump ropes. Do several reps of 2 to 3 minutes for 15 minutes and you’ll build up a sweat. These weighted jump ropes from Macy’s are only $20.

04 Mountain Climbers6. Mountain Climbers

From a push up stance, run your knees in and out. Do this exercise for at least a minute and you’ll get the cardio exercise you need daily. For more comfort, you can try the Nike Women’s LunarConverge Running Shoe. Grab these sneaks for $40 at Famous Footwear.


07 Gaiam Grippy Yoga Mat Towel

7. Planking

Planking may look easy but it’s harder than it looks. Start with the regular planking position. Make sure your back is straight. Hold the position for one minute everyday to develop and tone your core. Use this yoga mat to avoid straining your elbows while planking. Only $19.97 from Nordstrom Rack.

05 Burpees

8. Burpees

From a squatting position, jump your feet to a plank stance. Jump back into the squat position and jump up with your hands above stretched over your head. Repeat this cardio workout for 12 reps. You can do a minimum of 3 rounds. To add more support and heat to your body, try this mix bra tank top at Lord & Taylor for $14.

08 09 Nike 24oz HyperFuel Water Bottle (Red)9. Jogging in Place

If you cannot find time to jog outdoors, you can simply job in place while in the living room. You can time your jog or increase the intensity of your job. You’ll sweat in no time. Keep yourself hydrated with this HyperFuel Water Bottle from Nike for $12.

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10. Squat Jumps

From a standing position, keep your hands to your sides. Bend your knees and jump. Land on a squat position with your hands raised up in the air. Repeat the movement for 12 reps and make sure to keep your legs bent at a right angle. This workout helps tone down your leg muscles. These workout shorts makes it easier for you to make those jumps. Get it for $12 at 6PM.COM.

Get fit one day at a time. These exercises you can do at home are easy but effective in toning muscles and shedding extra calories.

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