Top 10 Game Changing Kitchen Essentials You Need Right Now

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Simple kitchen tasks can be tedious once they pile up. Dicing garlic, slicing vegetable, and even measuring ingredients can take up your time in the kitchen. Luckily, there are kitchen essentials that can make simple tasks even easier. We’ve gathered our top 10 must have gadgets and essentials for the kitchen. These will help you speed up any kitchen preparation process that you might find boring or difficult to do.


Cool Kitchen Essentials


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Kitchen gadgets, big or small, can make a big difference on how we can prep our food. These 10 kitchen essentials can change the way you do things while you’re cooking. Check them out here:

(1) Seatery 4-Piece Kitchen Sink Strainer and Stopper Kit

Let’s start with the simplest one, shall we? Say goodbye to clogged sinks! This 4-piece strainer and stopper set allows you to protect your kitchen sink from any blockage. Simply install the strainer on top of the kitchen drain and it will immediately do its job. It will make it easier for you to catch excess food waste and scraps, and throw them in the waste bin. The stopper effectively holds the water, making it easy for you to wash the dishes. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(2) OXO Good Grips Soap Dispensing Palm Brush

Make cleaning and washing dishes easy and fun. This handy scrubber has a built in soap dispensing mechanism that lets you add more soap while you’re scrubbing dirty pots, pans, and plates. The brush bristles are durable and is packed with scrubbing power. The non slip grip also makes it easier for you to hold it in place as you wash. You can order this on Amazon.

(3) BUTEFO 8-in-1 Multipurpose Kitchen Tool Kit

Here’s the perfect kitchen essential for a home baker or for someone who just loves to cook. You can easily measure any ingredients using this 8-in-1 kitchen tool. You don’t have to purchase anything else just to be able to prep your ingredients properly. This kitchen device includes a funnel, grater, juicer, egg separator, egg cracker, measuring cup, can opener, and shredder. Buy this now from Amazon.

(4) Fullstar Vegetable Peeler, Chopper, and Dicer

This multipurpose vegetable peeler, chopper, and dicer allows you to prepare salad, as well as other dishes. This set includes 7 different machine inserts that let you chop and spiral any vegetable easily. It also includes various functions such as peeler, juicer, egg separator, and more. This is available on Amazon.

(5) Grunen Wolken Handheld High Powered Milk Frother

Feel fancy and luxurious whenever you drink your morning coffee. This milk frother lets you take your coffee concoction up a notch. It’s easy to use and can froth milk in no time. Made from stainless steel, this it durable and clean up is a breeze. Order yours now on Amazon.

(6) Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill / Griddle with Iron Handles

If you need a kitchen essential that you can use from breakfast until dinner, this reversible cast iron grill and griddle is perfect for you. Cook perfect pancakes and crisp bacon for breakfast. Grill salmon and veggies for lunch. Cook a perfectly juicy steak for dinner. You can create endless of dishes using this useful kitchen essential. You can purchase this from Amazon.

(7) OTOTO Gracula Garlic Crusher

A Dracula that crushes garlic? It’s so ironic, right? The Gracula Garlic Crush is a cure and handy gadget that’s perfect for all garlic lovers. WE all have to admit it. Chopping garlic is such a bore but it’s a kitchen staple. No need to fret! Simply get this Gracula Garlic Crush and it will help you crush and chop garlic anytime. You can place your orders now on Amazon.

(8) OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Are you an avocado lover? Then this avocado slicer is perfect for you! Create guacamole, avocado toast, and other avocado dishes in no time! This small but extremely useful kitchen tool lets you split, pit, and slice avocadoes easily. You can grab this from Amazon.

(9) Electric Jar Opener

Got weak wrists? No problem! Get this electric jar opener and it will do all the jar opening for you. This opener features a strong magnet to ensure that it’s secure on the bottle cap. It also has a soft edge that won’t hurt your hands. With this kitchen gadget, you won’t ever have a problem with opening any tight jar lids anymore. You can buy this from Amazon.

(10) Instant Pot Duo 11 in 1 Electric Pressure Cooker with Air Fryer, Roaster, Bake, Dehydrate, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, and Saute

Finally, you HAVE to get this 11-in-1 cooker for your kitchen. Make perfectly cooked rice, steam fish dishes, slow cook stew, and dehydrate healthy fruit or veggie snacks. It can air fry, steam, roast, bake, pressure cook, dehydrate, slow cook, steam, and sauté. There’s a ton of ways you can make this kitchen appliance useful in your home. This is available on Amazon.



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These game changing kitchen essentials make cooking a breeze. You’ll have an easier time to create different dishes and have more fun cooking in your kitchen. Get your hands on these kitchen tools and spend more time creating the food rather than prepping the ingredients.


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