Top 10 Gifts Every Plant Parent Would Love

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Adding plants inside our homes was always an option to add beauty and personality to the interiors. It was something that’s optional for homeowners. However, there was a sudden interest in accumulating different types of plants to homes due to the pandemic. One of the trends right now is becoming a plant parent. With everyone cooped up in their own homes, there are times when we often feel stuffy. Adding plants to one’s home was the solution to keep the air quality fresh.


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More and more people are now into gardening and owning plants at home. Aside from their aesthetic purposes, plants also provide a wide range of benefits. Plants help in freshening up the quality of air in one’s home. They are also helpful in eliminating harmful toxins around us. There are also studies that show the positive effects of having plants around us. They help us relieve stress, they calm us down, and they improve our mood and happiness. Because of the benefits that these plants provide us, there’s no wonder why more and more are becoming plant parents.


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Some of the most popular plants are succulents, orchids, snake plants, and peace lilies. These are some of the most common indoor plants that are low maintenance and are easy to care for. If you know someone who is a plant parent and would want to send them something they would love, here are some of our gift suggestions.

gifts for plant parents

Gifts for Plant Parents: Cute Planters


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Finding gifts for plant parents is easy. You can give them a cute planter or two for their precious plant babies. A cute planter can not only help give plants a cozy place to stay, but also provide aesthetic decoration to anywhere in your home. We’ve looked into a HUGE collection of planters and it was difficult to narrow them down to our top 5. Check out our suggestions here:

(1) Set of 3 Large Floor Standing Planters with Metal Stand in Black

This set is a great value for money. The metal stand gives a sleek look and the black pots provide a minimalist design. The set includes 3 metal stands and planters in different sizes. If you have various types of plants, this set is perfect for you. Also available in white. These will look great in your living room and even the home office. You can order a set of three on Amazon.

You can check one of the positive feedbacks on this product here:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes” Beautiful and sturdy pots. Look perfect in my family room. I couldn’t find the right size pot insert so I just cut larger ones with a blade. I like the rubber on the bottom of the stand. Keeps the pot in place.” – Sam Sleiman

(2) Set of 2 Planter Pots with Leaf Patterns in Terracotta / White

Here’s another planter set that caught our eye. These are ceramic pots with leaf patterns and details. It has a beautiful rustic vibe that will look perfect anywhere in your home. Each set includes two planters in small and medium sizes. This is perfect if you have different types of plants at home. Also available in Terracotta / Black. Order this now from Amazon!

(3) 3-Piece Separated Ceramic Planter Pot in Shiny Pink

Give your plants a chic and shiny home. This set has 3 pieces that you can assemble easily. You have an option to use all three pieces together or use each piece as separate planters. These are also available in Matte Black, Shiny Green, and Shiny White. You can mix and match the different colors easily for a more playful design in your home. You can grab a set or two from Amazon.

Here’s a promising review for this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“I love the look of this pot! Very modern and sleek. It comes in three pieces – 2 pots and a saucer. But you could have it stacked up too if you are going for that look! There are drainage holes included as well so no drilling required which is a plus for me. Highly recommend!” – FaPalacios

(4) Set of 4 Buymax Animal Succulent Plant Pots

How adorable are these plant pots? These are perfect for plant and dog lovers! Each set includes 4 different designs – a Boston Terrier, a Bulldog, a Labrador, and a Husky. Each planter has a mesh hold under to make it easy for you to water your precious plants. These are perfect for your tiny succulents and plants. Get your own set from Amazon.

Here’s another positive feedback about this product:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“Omg! I bought these to plant into as a gift. These are so cute! Perfect size, well made & nicely detailed (the shapes, the eyes & the noses) and for such an affordable price! Now my friends want these too! With ceramics you usually expect some sort of lump, bump, or rough bit but these are really perfect. The glaze or whatever used to color them is perfect too. Color me impressed. The packaging was also totally secure. I knew they would be tiny-the plant I have is a division that is also tiny, so that works for me. To others I warn-the measurements include the trunk and all that. The actual planting space is extremely small. Think new succulents, not established plants or quick growing plants. These would be PERFECT for cacti, for example. I am very pleased. These are very feminine, very sweet, and the perfect size for what I need. The packaging that it was shipped in was also so good that I can reuse it (with other things) when I need to ship my gift out. Yeah!” – Gary Bartholomew

(5) Set of 4 Youfui Cute Girls Flower Pots

Finally, this set of 4 planters made it to our final list because they are just too cute to pass. These miniature planters are sure to bring color and personality to anywhere you put them. They can definitely boost your mood whenever you see your plants in these. You can place these in your bedroom, on your workstation, in your living room, and your home office. Your mini garden will look extra lovely with these plant pots. Perfect for succulents and flowers. Order a set now on Amazon.

Read this positive review for your reference:

subscription busy boxes, busy boxes“These pots are so adorable! I’ve been looking at similar pots for awhile. These were the best-priced, and they shipped quickly (I.e. did not have to wait for them to come from China). I used them to plant small succulents. They are not extremely big, but I had no problem fitting succulents from 2” nursery pots in the planters. They have drainage holes and plugs, which makes them perfect for either preference. These are so cute, I may just buy more to give as gifts!” – joflinn

You can check out some more adorable planters below:

Gifts for Plant Parents: Decors and Accessories

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Aside from planters, you can also add some decors and accessories to your plants. These decors and accessories will help you create a enchanted mini garden in your home. These cute little fairy accessories will add more magic to your plant babies. These are our top 5 choices:

(1) Set of 4 Hand Painted Flower Set

These miniature decors are perfect for your planters at home. Simply decorate them with these and they’ll look magical instantly. Each set includes a fairy, a flower, and two cute little bunnies. You can purchase this from Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

(2) GlitzGlam Duck Pond – Mother and Ducklings

We also found this super adorable mother and ducklings duck pond décor. These will look great with any small home garden or with your planters. The mother duck and her ducklings are in great detail, which is just too cute. You can get this from Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

(3) Set of 4 Juvale Miniature Yoga Gnomes Set

Add some playful elements to your plants at home. These yoga gnomes are funny and endearing! Each gnome has a different yoga pose. All four are included in this set. Use them to decorate your plants and succulents to add a mischievous twist to them. You can purchase a set from Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

(4) Georgetown Home and Garden Fairy Garden Gypsy Wagon

This mini wagon features detailed elements for a fairy garden wagon. It’s simp,ly magical to look at and it would look beautiful with any plant or garden. Little fairies are sure to be delighted when they see this magical home on wheels in your miniature garden. You can order this now on Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

(5) Mood Lab Fairy Garden Accessories Kit – Set of 2 Miniature Figurine

Lastly, this set of 2 miniature figure set includes a magical fairy and a slide. You can use this to decorate your bigger plants at home or outside your garden. This set adds a playful vibe to your home. You can purchase this from Teelie’s Fairy Garden.

You can also grab these gardening tools:

Plants have a lot of benefits, which is why many are getting into the plant parent trend. These gifts for plant parents are sure to make any plant mom or plant dad happy. These planters and garden decors will surely make anyone’s mini home garden look magical and lively. We’ve got more great gardening finds here:

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