If you’re lacking costume ideas for this year’s Halloween, we’ve come up with magical costumes for Halloween that will help you find the right costume for trick-or-treating. For our Halloween costume series, we’ve created a list of costumes that will make you feel magical as you gather those candies for this season. From witches to unicorns, here are some costumes that are perfect for Halloween.

1. Fairy Pirate Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell is the magic behind Peter Pan’s flying skills. With a bit of fairy dust and happy thoughts, you can fly your way to those candies and treats you’ve been wanting the whole year. Get this costume here.

2. Fairy Godmother

Make you and your friends’ wishes come true. You’ll gather loads of candies while wearing this fairy godmother costume. Luckily, fairy godmothers don’t have until midnight to enjoy Halloween – this means more candies and treats! Buy this here.

3. Witch

Dress up as a cute witch and bewitch those who are handing out candies to give you more. Complete your look by adding accessories such as the witch’s hat and broomstick. Purchase it here.

4. Dorothy

There’s no place like home indeed when it comes to trick-or-treating. Click your heels and wish for more candy this Halloween. Complete your look with red heels and Toto in a basket. Grab this costume here.

5. Harry Potter

You can also go as everyone’s favorite wizard. Cast spells to get more candy and chocolates this Halloween. Complete the Harry Potter look by adding glasses, wand, and Harry’s thunderbolt scar. Buy it here.

6. Mad Hatter

This mad hatter does not only let you get ready for a magical tea party but also for a Halloween to remember. Go trick-or-treating in this whimsical costume and you’ll truly enjoy Halloween! Get it here.

7. Unicorn

Nothing is as magical as a unicorn. They are everyone’s favorite magical creatures. If you love unicorns, you’ll surely love this inflatable unicorn costume. You can purchase it here.

8. Maleficent

This Halloween, you can also choose to wear Disney’s most misunderstood villain. This costume comes with the sculpted horn that Maleficent is known for. You can complete the look with the character’s signature staff. Buy it here.

9. Baby Unicorn

Halloween is for trick-or-treaters of all ages. Bring your baby and dress him or her in this unicorn costume. Your little one is sure to charm everyone’s heart and gather all the candies he or she could ever want. You can get one here.

10. Elsa

Lastly, you can go as Disney’s ice princess, Elsa. Feel her magical ice powers and go trick-or-treating like the Queen of Arendelle. This costume includes gloves, a tiara, a wand, and braids. However, you can go full-on Elsa by wearing her signature long, blond hair. Purchase this beautiful costume here.


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Feel like your favorite magical characters in these magical costumes for Halloween. You can try being a witch or a princess with magical powers and work your way to those treats. You can also check out our Halloween-related posts in TeelieTurner.com. Here are some posts that you might like:

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