Today’s technology allows users to experience convenience daily. The gadgets that are considered as everyday necessities can now fit into your pocket. These miniature gadgets may be small but they have proven themselves useful for everyday use. Here’s a list of mini gadgets that fit in our pockets but they still manage to do a great job in making our lives easier.

1. Portable Wireless Magnetic Charger

This charger is the same size as a keychain. However, it has a built-in 700mAh lithium battery that lets you charge your smartphone and other mobile devices for up to two to three times. It’s only 51 grams and compact – making it easy to bring wherever you go. You can get it from Amazon.

2. Tile (Gen 2) Key and Phone Finder

Do you often forget where you left your keys? Does your kid like to play a prank on you and often hides your phone or your wallet? If you wish you could just call your stuff whenever you forget where you left them, this miniature gadget is for you. The Tile key and gadget finder lets you track down anything that you forget. You can connect it to your smart device or your phone and it emits a loud sound to let you easily find what you’re looking for. Buy this gadget here.

3. INSIQ Smallest Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker may fit in your pocket but it does a great job in providing sound quality despite its size. This portable mini speaker can let you enjoy your favorite songs whenever you feel like listening to them. Just put it in your pocket and bring it out whenever you want to liven up the place. Grab one here.

4. Magnasonic Mini Portable Pico Video Projector

Don’t let the sleek and small size of this video projector fool you. It’s a great device that can help you with your business proposal presentations, as well as your late night movie cravings. You can enjoy movie on-the-go easily with this portable mini projector. You can purchase one from Amazon.

5. Westminster World’s Smallest Voice Changer

Take your pranking skills to the next level. This gadget is the world’s smallest voice changer and it will give you a great laugh when you use it to prank your friends and family. It can change your voice using four distinct voice features with just one press of this gadget’s button. This gadget is available here.

6. USB Mini Fan for Smartphones and Tablets

Keep cool wherever you go using this portable USB fan. You can connect it to your mobile device whenever you feel hot or you just need to keep cool for a bit. Its compact design allows you to bring it everywhere you go. Purchase it from Amazon.

7. Kinsa Smart Stick Digital Thermometer

This pocket-sized digital thermometer allows you to take you and your child’s temperature even when you’re mobile. All it takes is just a few seconds and you’ll immediately know if you or your child has a fever. This is a great gadget that can help you track you and your family’s illnesses easily. It’s available on Amazon.

8. ChiTronic Magic Smart Ring

This tiny ring doubles as a smart gadget that allows you to perform various things. You can lock and unlock your mobile device, transfer and share information, send messages, and control different mobile applications. This gadget is compatible with Android phones and tablets. Get it here.

9. SNAP Eazzzy Ultra Violet USB Digital Camera

Can you imagine a digital camera that can fit into the pocket of your jeans? The SNAP Eazzzy Ultra Violet USB Digital Camera is a pocket-sized digital camera may be thin but it can capture pictures and videos just like a regular-sized one. You can also upload everything you captured easily. Simply remove the cap to uncover a USB drive that you can insert to your laptops or personal computers. This is ideal for frequent travelers and people who are on-the-go but find it tedious to bring their bulky cameras with them. Purchase one now from Amazon.

10. AGS Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Mouse and Keyboard

You can easily type important notes, memos and messages using any surface with the help of the AGS Laser Projection Bluetooth Virtual Mouse and Keyboard. It will project a working keyboard and mouse on a flat surface and you can use it whenever you need to. It’s detected, as well as transferred to your tablet or laptop, through Bluetooth. Buy it here.


These miniature gadgets are truly mind-blowing! They may be small in size but they can function like their regular-sized versions. Get the latest gadget news and trends from You can read our previous posts here:

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