Top 10 Must Have Halloween Decors from Macy’s and Shindigz

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Halloween is getting nearer and nearer! Even if there’s still a pandemic, we can’t help it – we get excited when it’s Halloween! It’s time for some spooktacular fun even if we are all stuck at home. This Halloween, there may be no trick or treat (just to be safe), but there is still a way to have a ghoulish awesome time this year. It’s time to grab some of the creepiest and spookiest Halloween decors you can find and turn your home into a scary scene out of a horror movie.

Top 10 Halloween Decors from Shindigz



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Shindigz is a great place to find Halloween decors. They’ve got everything from cute Halloween lawn standees to the creepiest floating ghouls. We’ve narrowed down our choices to these top 10 decors. Check them out!

(1) Lazy Bones Reaper Hammock

We don’t know if we’re going to be scared or we’re going to laugh at this pun-ny Halloween décor. This lazy bones (a fitting and witty name) reaper will surely give anyone a fright. Hang this on your lawn, patio or near your front door. Order yours now on Shindigz.

(2) 7 Feet 7 Inches Corex Creepy Cemetery Archway Set

Turn your front yard into a scary cemetery. This set one arch and six skull sidewalk signs. The signs are made out of corex and require assembly. Stick this on your lawn and anyone who passes by will get the creeps! You can purchase this set from Shindigz.

(3) Crooked Witch Broom

Cast a spell on anyone! This witch broom will add a spellbinding look on your home. It features stick bristles and a spooky design. This Halloween décor will truly give you an eerie feeling. This décor can also be used as part of a wicked witch costume! You can buy this décor from Shindigz.

(4) Grave Evader

Since you’re going to transform your yard into a graveyard, this grave evader or zombie is the perfect addition! It includes a half skull and decaying flesh, as well as two decaying flesh hands. These grave evaders are water resistant so you won’t have to worry about it when you leave them outside. This décor is easy to install and style. You can grab this from Shindigz.

(5) 5 Inches to 1 Foot and 11 inches Halloween Personalized Window Boards

Intruders beware! Warn others not to mess with your home. This window boards are a great way to add a creepy vibe on your home front. Simply place these on your front door and windows and your house will scream danger. This set includes 4 pieces of window boards. You can even customize them. You can order yours now on Shindigz.

(6) Animated Hanging Phantom

Catch anyone off guard with this hanging phantom. This décor is animated and once activate, it makes creepy sounds that would truly give anyone a scare. If you’re going to make year’s Halloween celebration extra, you might as well get this life size décor and give everyone a scare. You can buy this from Shindigz.

(7) Boo and Bling Pumpkin Set

Here’s another scary Halloween décor that’s perfect for your front yard or backyard! It includes 1 foot and 9 inches up to 3 feet and 6 inches decors. This set includes purple pumpkin with black accents and rhinestone details. These pumpkins will add a different feel to your overall Halloween set up. You can order this from Shindigz.

(8) Hanging Creepy Man

Aside from the Animated Hanging Phantom, you can also get this hanging creepy man. You’ll terrify anyone who’ll pass by your home when they see this. It features tattered fabric for its body, a plastic head with green eyes, and hands that you can pose. You can grab this from Shindigz.

(9) Ghostly Consort

What’s more frightening than a ghost? Hanging ghost twins! This set includes two phantom decors that you can hang anywhere your home. You can hang these twins on a tree branch or on your ceiling. They’ll give a scare to anyone, wherever you place these. You can order this from Shindigz.

(10) Til Death Do Us Party Corex 3D Coffin Prop

Lastly, this coffin prop is also a nice addition to a creepy Halloween décor. Place this on your lawn or near your front door and no one will dare enter your spooky home. It’s an eerie addition to your overall Halloween theme. The words on the coffin can be customized. Order your personalized décor on Shindigz.

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Top 10 Halloween Decors from Macy’s



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When decorating for Halloween, it’s not just all about the front of your house. You can also go all the way with decorating the inside of your house. Here are some cute but still spooky Halloween decorations we’ve found on Macy’s.

(1) Home & More Scary Pumpkins 17” x 29” Coir / Vinyl Doormat

Greet your visitors in a spooky way. This scary pumpkins doormat is made from mold and mildew resistant material called coir. This durable doormat is perfect for a front door mat. It’s also for keeping shoes clean. This mat is 65% off until September 30. Purchase this from Macy’s.

(2) Elrene Farmhouse Living Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Centerpiece Table Runner

Add a Halloween feel to your dining table. This pumpkin table runner is exactly what you need to keep things festive and spooky in your dining area. It features orange and black jack-o-lanterns in 100% cotton fabric. This table runner is a great home décor and is easy to maintain as it’s machine washable. It’s on sale for 50% off until October 4. Order this now from Macy’s.

(3) Elrene Farmhouse Living Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Pot Holder and Kitchen Towels, Set of 3

You can also add ornamental and purposeful Halloween décor. This 3-piece set includes 2 kitchen towels and a pumpkin pot holder. Hang these as a decoration or you can also use it in the kitchen. You can grab these at 50% off until October 4. These are available online on Macy’s.

(4) Elrene Crawling Halloween Spider Lace Lined Tablecloth

This 70-inch tablecloth is just perfect for Halloween. Get into the Halloween spirit and add this to your home decoration. You’ll be able to feel the celebration’s ghoulish vibe. This tablecloth is also on sale for 50% until October 4 so better grab yours now. You can purchase one from Macy’s.

(5) Elrene Crawling Halloween Spider Lace Table Runner

This is also a good addition to your home décor for Halloween. You can place this on your living room center table or your dining table. It features a creepy spider web with hanging spider details. It’s on sale for 52% off until October 4. You can buy it from Macy’s.

(6) Martha Stewart Collection Martha Stewart Floral Candle Holder, Created for Macy’s

It may be Halloween but you can still add other elements to your home as decorations aside from pumpkins, spiders, and ghouls. This floral candle holder has a gothic feel that’s perfect for Halloween. Add black candles to complete the scary theme you’re aiming for. This candle holder is perfect as a centerpiece for your living room table or dining table. It’s also 41% off until October 4. You can grab this from Macy’s.

(7) Holiday Lane Multi-Color Skull Ornament, Created for Macy’s

Add some colorful and whimsical flair charm to your home. This multi-colored skull ornament is perfect for your mantelpiece, doorknobs, and even your Christmas tree! It adds a playful twist to the usual Halloween concept. You can get this from Macy’s.

(8) Holiday Lane Day of the Dead Dancer Ornament, Created for Macy’s

Here’s another cute yet creepy ornament. It’s usually meant for Day of the Dead but you can still use it for Halloween. It adds color and personality to your home instantly. Hang it anywhere you want and it instantly pops out for an added Halloween feel. You can buy this from Macy’s.

(9) Holiday Lane Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Mariachi Player Ornament, Created for Macy’s

Pair this mariachi player ornament with your dancer ornament! It features bright colors and a playful design but it would still give you chills when you see it. Hang this with your other Day of the Dead ornaments to complete an entire set. You can order this online from Macy’s.

(10) Home Essentials 12 Inch Black Metal Lantern

This lantern is a multipurpose home décor. You can use it for several holidays and occasions. This black metal lantern is also perfect for creating a ghoulish vibe in your home. Simply place a candle in the lantern and it will instantly create an eerie feel. You can get this at 25% if you use the code VIP during checkout. You can get this lantern from Macy’s.

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If it’s your first time to try to fully decorate your home with Halloween decorations, you can watch the video below. It has helpful tips and tricks on how to start and finish with the vision you’re aiming for.


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Here’s another video of what Shindigz has in store for you when you shop from them or online.

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Halloween may be different this year but it doesn’t mean it won’t be any fun. You can create a fun Halloween at home. Whether you’re planning a drive by trick or treat or a simple Halloween celebration at home, you can use these Halloween decors to add more frightening feel to your festivities.

It’s never too early to plan for a Halloween celebration. Start with the costumes and work your way from there. Visit and read more of our previous Halloween-related posts. Subscribe to our newsletter as well to receive weekly updates and resources to help you plan your Halloween celebration smoothly. You can also enjoy these posts below:

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