Are you tired of your man’s unruly hair? Have you tried asking him to go get a haircut but failed? It’s time to give him something he can use to keep his hair clean and tidy! These top 10 pomades work great on any type of hair and they do a great job in keeping men’s hair neat. 

1. Baxter of California Paste Pomade

This pomade is one of Baxter’s most iconic products. It has a medium hold that allows you to create different kinds of hairstyles. It’s made with carnauba wax, kaolin clay, botanical humectants, and beeswax that create an added definition and texture to the hair. Purchase a 60ml tub here.

2. American Crew Men Pomade

This classic men’s pomade is a crowd favorite. It has a natural and refreshing scent and a medium hold. It’s water-based that’s ideal for slicked back hairstyles. Even if your man has curly or straight hair, this pomade will work wonders. Get a tub here.

3. Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade

If your man is into luxury brands, this pomade is for him. It’s ideal for coarse to medium hair. It helps manage and control frizz and course hair. He can easily sculpt his hair into the hairstyle that he wants without feeling like he has a helmet on. Buy this here.

4. Label. M Men’s Sculpting Pomade

If your man has thick hair that’s all over the place, this is the go-to pomade. It has a water-based formulation that gives a strong hold on the hair. It makes it easier for men to style and control their hair without weighing it down. You can shop this here.

5. Tigi Bed Head B For Men Slick Trick Firm Hold Pomade

Using a blend of semisolid ingredients, this pomade has a non-greasy feel. It also has a fragrant aroma that’s specially made for men. It adds extra shine and has a reworkable hold, making it easy to restyle the hair. It’s also easy to rinse. Get one here.

6. Byrd Matte Pomade

Byrd creates on-the-go hair products that are fit for the retro and surf lifestyle. This water-based pomade has a matte finish that leaves the hair looking naturally clean and tidy. You can purchase it here.

7. Fix Your Lid Forming Cream

Achieve a pliable and workable hold using this forming cream. It’s perfect for all types of hair and has a natural shine finish. It also washes out easily and won’t leave any residue on the hair. Buy it here.

8. Cremo Styling Pomade

Style hair easily using the Cremo Styling Pomade. It has a strong hold but allows the hair to be restyled throughout the day. It has a medium hold and a medium finish. You can grab a tub here.

9. Imperial Fiber Pomade

Developed by a team of barbers, the Imperial Fiber Pomade is a versatile hair product that allows your man to restyle his hair anytime and anywhere he wants. It’s water reactivatable formulation makes it easier to adjust and fix the hair. All it needs is a small amount of water and the hair is ready for restyling. Get it here.

10. Jack Black Clay Pomade

Clay pomades help achieve buildable control as well as a pliable hold that lasts for a long time. This pomade is cruelty-free and dermatologist-tested. Apply on slightly damp hair and create any hairstyle easily. You can get this pomade here.


If your man is a newbie when it comes to using pomades and styling hair, he can watch the tutorial below:

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These top 10 pomades are sure to keep your man’s hair in place. They have strong hold but have buildable and restylable features. You can browse and shop for all the items featured above here:


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