Are you looking for winter essentials that won’t compromise your fashion style? Don’t worry! We know exactly what you need. Winter may be a time to keep yourself warm by layering thick clothes but you don’t have to stick to unstylish pieces. From signature coats to fashionable turtlenecks, these are the winter fashion essentials that you need to stay cozy without sacrificing your sense of fashion.

1. Sweaters

Stay warm and chic at the same time in this classy sweater. Sweaters are must haves during the winter season as they keep you warm throughout the day. Choose a style that’s easy to pair with. Stick to neutral hues such as whites or grays if you want to be safe. However, if you are in a festive mood, you can try out more vibrant shades. You can purchase this sweater from Zulily.

2. Turtlenecks

Winter is the perfect time to wear turtlenecks. Take advantage of this opportunity and wear as much turtlenecks as you can! It may not look fashionable when worn on its own but layer it with fashionable coats and cardigans and you’ll be able to complete a stylish look for the winter season. Get this turtleneck sweater here.

3. Cardigans

Add another layer of warmth to your outfit using a cardigan. It’s easy to wear and it’s perfect for pairing with a sweater or your favorite turtleneck. Mix and match it with different pieces to create different looks that are warm and stylish for the cold season. Be sure to choose a cardigan that’s versatile so you can wear it with anything. This cardigan is what you need and you can buy this from Zulily.

4. Statement Coat

A statement coat is a must have winter fashion piece because you’ll be wearing it most of the time. Therefore, you need to choose a style that you can wear and pair with any of your winter outfits. Neutral shades are recommendable. However, since it’s the Christmas season, too, you can choose to wear coats in reds, greens, or even gold. Purchase this Sig Color Block Wool Coat here.

5. Skinny Jeans

For your bottom, you can choose to wear skinny jeans. These jeans make it easier for you to wear them with knee high boots and add layers of tights or warmers underneath it. Choose a pair that’s comfortable for you. This pair of blue skinny jeans is perfect. Get them here.

6. Leather Jacket

Who says you can’t be edgy this winter season? You can still rock your favorite leather jacket out even if it’s cold. Just wear it on top of a warm top to keep your cool fashion on point. Pair your outfit with knee high boots and you’re good to go. Purchase this Black biker Leather Moto Jacket from Zulily.

7. Knee High Boots

Knee high boots are sexy and fashionable. Whether you’re wearing them during fall or the winter, they are sure to make your outfit stand out. A pair of knee high boots are perfect for the winter season as they add more personality to your outfit and they add additional warmth. Stick with versatile styles and shades such as blacks and browns to make it easier for you to wear them with any ensemble. Purchase a pair here.

8. Beanies

Beanies are cute and stylish if you wear them the right way and at the right time. Since it’s the winter, beanies are perfect for keeping your head and ears warm. They are also stylish fashion accessories that are sure to bring an added style on the table. Get this taupe beanie from Zulily.

9. Mittens

Keep your hands warm and cozy using a pair of mittens. This is the perfect time to get your favorite pair of mittens and wear them with your favorite winter outfit. Play with different colors to make them stand out. Nothing says fashionable than a cute pair of mittens this winter! Buy this pair of beige ribbed mittens here.

10. Blanket Scarf

Finally, a blanket scarf keeps your neck warm and cozy during the cold weather. Blanket scarfs are great winter fashion accessories but they are also useful and versatile. It will also serve as an additional blanket to warm you when you get extra cold. Get this Navy and Heather Gray Plaid Blanket Scarf here.


You don’t have to let go of your love for fashion just to stay warm during the winter season. These winter fashion essentials are everything you need to stay fashionable. With these winter-ready pieces, you can stay stylish and warm anytime. For more fashion tips this winter season, you can visit You can try out some of our other fashion picks here:


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