It seems like the year 2020 just flew by so fast! Christmas is only a few weeks away. Are you ready for the festivities already? If you’re still planning on decorating your home just in time for the holidays, you can check out some of the top Christmas home and décor trends for this year. From shades of blue to farmhouse chic, this year’s Christmas trends are anything but ordinary.

Top 5 Christmas Home and Décor Trends

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Despite all that’s happening to the world this year, we can still celebrate Christmas. Don’t let the pandemic affect your Christmas cheer! You can still get on the festivities just by starting to decorate your home. Here are 5 Christmas home and décor trends that you might want to check out for inspiration.

Blue Hues


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Since the 2020 Pantone color is Classic Blue, different shades of blue are sure to make an appearance on this year’s Christmas decorations. You can get on this trend by decorating your Christmas tree with blue ornaments, garlands, and other Christmas baubles. Add blue shades to your home using decorative Christmas stockings, ribbons, and more. It’s also a great idea to add a bit of white decoration to make the blue pop even more. If you want to try this trend, here are decors you can grab:

(1) Crochet Décor FDM Blue Decorative Christmas Tree

Aside from your traditional Christmas tree, this decorative Christmas tree will surely be the star of the show. It’s handmade using a variety of blue baubles and decorations. Each piece is intricately design and layered to create a whimsical mini tree. It’s a great addition to your Classic Blue-themed Christmas décor. Order this from Etsy.

(2) Cottage of Vintage Set of 37 Blue and Silver Christmas Baubles

This set of Christmas ornaments is exactly what you need to pull off a blue-themed Christmas. This set includes 37 different baubles that will fill your tree with color and a joyful Christmas spirit. This set includes a variety of blue and silver decors in various sizes. You can purchase set this from Etsy.

(3) Daromir Crafts Christmas Gnomes

Who doesn’t love a cute little gnome? Your theme may be blue Christmas but these adorable gnomes are just too cute not to include in your home and décor for the holidays. You can purchase these individually, or in sets of two. These gnomes are sure to give your home a Nordic feel that’s just great for the Christmas festivities. You can buy one, two, or an entire set on Etsy.

(4) Latte Home Blue Christmas Pillow with Snowflake Details

Decorate your living room couch or even your bedroom in blue Christmas spirit with this Christmas pillow cover. It features snowflake details on a navy blue fabric. These covers are made from 100% spun polyester poplin fabric that has the same texture and feel as a canvas. You can choose from three different dimensions or sizes – 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, or 20 x 20 inches. You can order this from Etsy.

(5) Home Beauty Décor Winter Wreath Pinecones in Blue and White

Decorate your front door with this beautifully handmade blue and white wreath. It gives you that winter wonderland vibe that’s perfect for a classic blue theme. It features white pine cones, as well as artificial royal blue berries. It’s a beautiful home décor and a thoughtful gift idea if you’re still completing your Christmas gift list this year. You can grab this from Etsy.

(6) Hung by the Chimney Blue Holiday Stockings

How cute are these blue holiday stockings? These are a great alternative to the usual Christmas stockings that you see every year. These decorations feature various fabric patterns to add more personality and style to each of your family member’s stockings. You can choose from different patterns such as Trillion, Check, Large Chevron, Check, Scribble, Sydney, or Shakes. You can even have each stocking personalized. Place your orders now on Etsy.

More Classic Blue-themed decrorations can be found here:


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Of course, the gingerbread trend is here to stay this Christmas. Gingerbread men, as well as gingerbread houses are a classic during Christmas season. However, we will be seeing a cute variation of this trend. We will see more pastel hues and playful colors this year. There will be a new take on this classic trend. Aside from gingerbread men and gingerbread houses, we will also see cupcakes, lollies, marshmallows, ice cream cones, and other tasty and sweet treats! This home and décor trend will allow you to show your playful side this year. If this is the trend that you’re going for, grab these cute Christmas decorations for your home!

(1) Il Magico Mondodi Gaia Gingerbread House Ornament Set

This set of 4 gingerbread ornaments is perfect for a pastel gingerbread house theme. It includes a gingerbread man, a gingerbread girl, a candy cane, and a gingerbread house. These are an adorable addition to your Christmas tree. The pastel shades are sure to add a subtle hint of color to your overall home decorations. Order this set now on Etsy.

(2) Mimi Felt Accessories Christmas Felt Cookie Garland

If you still want to add a bit of the traditional gingerbread man elements and colors, you can get this cute garland. It features candy canes, Christmas cookies, and gingerbread men. This can be used as a bunting or garland for your walls, your fireplace, or your Christmas tree. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(3) Jess Paul Art Peppermint Mini Donut Ornaments

Since this trend also includes sweet treats, these mini donut ornaments are perfect. Each set includes 3 super adorable donuts that are sure to make your Christmas tree stand out. Each donut is handmade using felt fabrics. You can but a set of three on Etsy.

(4) Beyond Wonderland Co Cupcake Christmas Stocking

Add a bit of playfulness to your overall Christmas decorations. This quirky Christmas stocking is not like your ordinary stockings. It features a fun and colorful design, as well as a cute cupcake applique. These stockings remind you of elves shoes so it has that instant whimsical vibe. Order this now on Etsy!

(5) MnJ Collections DIY Cupcake Ornament

Make Christmas decorating more memorable and fun. This DIY cupcake ornament lets you create your own cute Christmas tree hangers. You can even do this activity with your kids to make the experience extra special. This will truly help make memories with the family this Christmas. This is available on Etsy.

(6) The Happy Felter UK Pastel Christmas Tree Decorations

Since you’re going for a playful pastel vibe, these decors are also a perfect addition to your tree. These felt ornaments are super cute and come in 6 delicious pastel colors – blue, green, ice blue, pink, purple, and yellow. Grab these ornaments from Etsy.

You can find more Christmas decorations for this trend here:

Farmhouse Chic

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The Farmhouse Chic trend is not just for fall. This trend is still going strong until the Christmas season. This trend brings nostalgia to the holidays and makes you want to just create a cozy place to stay in for Christmas. This trend includes different elements such as plaid prints, natural wood, berries, red and green shades, and many more. Here are some decors that you can pick out to pull of this trend:

(1) Marian Art 2 Wooden Tiered Tray

This versatile 3-tier tray can spruce up your living room table or even your dining table. You can use it for various occasions and events. However, this is a great buy when you’re aiming for a Farmhouse chic-themed Christmas this year. You can choose from four different colors or designs – Washed White, Walnut, Ivory Distressed, or White distressed. You can order this from Etsy.

(2) Simply Radiating Décor Christmas Décor Bundle for Tiered Tray

Add these cute decorations to your tiered tray. This set already includes various Christmas decors that you need to fill your tiered tray. You can choose between a set of 4 or a set of 7. The set of 7 includes 1 small Santa house, 1 large Santa house, 1 wooden book stack, 1 Santa beaded garland, and 3 wooden Christmas spoons. Purchase this set from Etsy.

(3) Erin Jartistry Succulent Tree in a Farmhouse Truck

How adorable is this farmhouse Christmas décor? This “truck-ulent” is a gorgeous Christmas décor that will surely bring Christmas cheer. The succulent is real so it’s an added plant décor to your home. This decoration will bring out the Christmas spirit in you. The details in this décor are just like the real thing. Each of them is handmade and is perfect for the holidays. The succulent that comes with the truck is low maintenance so it’s very easy to take care of. You can buy this from Etsy.

(4) Stitched Together 89 Country Crochet Farmhouse Christmas Décor

There’s something about handmade products that give off a home-y and rustic vibe. Take these crochet ornaments for example. Each set includes 3 handmade ornaments. You can choose the three colors that you want to include. Choose from white, red, green, light blue, and dark blue. These ornaments are handmade using twine, yarn, and plastic ornaments. These are sure to create a Farmhouse Chic vibe on your Christmas tree. You can have your ornaments customized on Etsy.

(5) Lovely Wreath Décor Red Buffalo Plaid Christmas Wreath

For your front door, this plaid wreath will add a pop of red color. This is handmade with love using various fabrics. The design is versatile so you can still use it after the holidays. This wreath is not only beautiful but it also completes your farmhouse Christmas theme. You can order this from Etsy.

(6) Averia Design Co Farmhouse Inspired Christmas Ornaments

Finally, you can add more farm-inspired decorations to your Christmas trees with these plaid Christmas ornaments. Each set includes 4 customized ornaments. You can mix and match the decors, which come in white or matte black paint. You can also have each ornament personalized with your names or words that you choose. You can start personalizing your own set on Etsy.

Grab more Farmhouse Chic Christmas decorations here:

The Nutcracker

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Here’s another Christmas home and décor trend that’s going to make a big appearance this year. The nutcracker is also one of the classic Christmas decorations but it will be a staple in 2020. It puts a different kind of elegance to any home, whether they are up on a Christmas tree or on your favorite spot in your home. Use various decors with nutcracker themes when you are going for this trend. You can use ribbons, ornaments, garlands, and of course, an actual nutcracker to transform your home into a festive one. Here are some of our favorite decors:

(1) Nutcracker Christmas Snow Globe

We love snow globes! They are cute home decors and they add a bit of magic to every room during the holidays. This nutcracker Christmas snow globe is a nice addition to your Christmas home decors. It’s ideal as a home décor, a personalized gift, or a stocking filler. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(2) Yenide Boutique Nutcracker Christmas Decorations

Add these nutcrackers to your Christmas tree decorations. Each nutcracker is 5 inches tall and features a variety of colors and designs. These are made out of wood and are hand painted. For every order, you will receive a random nutcracker so each parcel will make you guess with anticipation which design you’re going to get! You can order this from Etsy.

(3) Nutcrackers Co. Large Nutcracker Soldier

For your living room and even your entryway, you can get these large nutcrackers and decorate your chosen space accordingly. Each nutcracker is 15 inches tall and are sure to perk up your space. These are handmade and hand painted so each piece is surely made with love. You can purchase this from Etsy.

(4) Wedding Day Euphoria Personalized Nutcracker Christmas Ornament

Here’s another cute nutcracker-themed ornament that can be personalized. You can gift this as a gift or you can order a customized set for your family. You can order yours from Etsy.

(5) Audubon Lane Merry Christmas Red Nutcracker Tea Towel

Create a custom tea towel set for your Christmas dinner. These tea towels are not just for decors but they are also a thoughtful gift idea to give to your loved ones and friends. This tea towel will look great in your kitchen and even your bathroom. You can even use them to decorate your living room table. You can buy these from Etsy.

(6) LUXE Designer Ribbon Nutcracker in Red, Black, White, and Gold

Create bows, redecorate your ornaments, or wrap this around your Christmas tree. This nutcracker printed ribbon will go with anything. It’s decorative, as well as functional. You can grab a roll or two from Etsy.

Check out more nutcracker-themed Christmas decorations below:


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Surprisingly, neutrals are trending this Christmas season. They may seem like they lack the Christmas colors needed for a festive décor but when they are properly put together, it can bring elegance and class to your Christmas holiday decorations. Go for soft gray hues, whites, beige, and subtle neutral shades to complete this look. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to create a rustic woodland vibe or a soft glamour look. Get these neutral decors for your home:

(1) Homance Set of 13 Minimalist Christmas Tree Ornaments

This set of Christmas ornaments is simple but would absolutely look stunning on your Christmas tree. It gives off a Nordic vibe that’s humble but beautiful. Each set includes different ornaments – 2 hearts, 2 leaves, 2 stars, 2 circles, 2 Christmas trees, 2 birds, and one small heart. These are handmade using air dry clay, natural wooden beads, and are hand painted using acrylic paint. You can purchase this set from Etsy.

(2) The Yorkshire Kids Co Santa’s Sleigh and Reindeer Décor

Here’s another sample of a simple design but is still full of Christmas spirit. This décor is made from Birch ply and features a clean and contemporary design. You can use it to decorate your living room, bedroom, mantelpiece, or any room in your home! Grab this from Etsy.

(3) Linen Lark Hand Dyed Cotton Ivory Ribbon

Add more neutral shades to your tree using this hand dyed ribbon. It’s available in various widths until 3 inches. It’s also available in a variety of shades aside from ivory. You can opt for other neutral shades such as white, gray, light gray, beige, nude pink, sand, and many more. Use this ribbon around your tree, decorate your mantelpiece, or you can even use it to wrap your presents. Order this from Etsy.

(4) Angie and Lois Mini Christmas Trees

For your centerpiece, you can get these beautiful miniature Christmas trees in various neutral shades. These are perfect for adding some fun to any part of your house. These come in neutral tones but they will still spread Christmas cheer in your home. These trees are made using rubberized fabric and are available in three colors – white, beige, and brown. Grab yours now from Etsy.

(5) Wood and Whistles Wooden Acorn Christmas Tree Decorations

Who would’ve thought acorns would look cute as Christmas tree ornaments? These decors are sure to add personality to your tree this year. These are handmade using walnut, suede, and ash. These acorn decors are cute accents that have a Scandi vibe. These are available on Etsy.

(6) Hearthstone and Grace Small Natural Wood Bead Christmas Ornaments

These wooden bead ornaments are also a great addition to a neutral-themed Christmas décor. These are made from Pine, Maple, and jute twine. These are sure to give a natural charm to your overall theme. You can order a set of 3 or a set of 6 on Etsy.

Find more neutral toned Christmas ornaments and decorations here:

With the holidays just around the corner, you only have a few weeks to get into the holiday spirit. These top Christmas home and décor trends will help you find inspiration on how you’re going to start decorating your home. These trends may be a bit different from what we’re used to but they are still equally fun and festive. Choose one of these trends and have fun redecorating your home just in time for the holidays.

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