Top Classy Halloween Decorations for Your Home

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Halloween is a great time to redecorate your home. However, if you want to keep everything simple yet Halloween-chic, you can look for classy Halloween decorations that you can use even after all the trick or treating is over. Tasteful Halloween décor is perfect when you’re planning on using them until the end of the season. Therefore, you need to pick carefully so your home won’t look like a haunted house.

Tips for Designing Classy Halloween Decorations

Designing for Halloween can be tricky because it’s a different and unique theme compared to others. You want to be careful when it comes to choosing the right pieces so you don’t end up with a spooky home until the end of fall. Here are some useful tips when you want to achieve a low key Halloween-inspired home.

1. Get unique with pumpkins.


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Pumpkins are a staple during Halloween. Get creative with them. Paint your pumpkins and decorate them. This is a great way to add more flair to your pumpkin decors. You can also use different shades to have a more colorful take on your Halloween decors.

2. Use your Halloween-related cutlery and dishes.


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It’s time to bring out those cute dishes that you’ve been saving for this occasion! Colorful cutlery and dishes are a great way to add color to your home during this Halloween season.

3. Go for subtle decors.


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If you don’t want to go overboard with your Halloween decors, you can still use subtle ones. A monochromatic Halloween theme can still be appropriate. Use themed throws, ghost decors, bats, and more.

4. Use a variety of Halloween-inspired decors.


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Halloween decors are not just for the living room or the front door. It can also be used for the bathroom or kitchen. You can use Halloween-themed bathroom rugs or towels. You can add small Halloween elements such as bats or pumpkins on your bathroom or kitchen sink. You can use different decors to achieve the look that you want for your home.

5. Find rustic pieces.


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Rustic pieces can also add a Halloween vibe to your home. Go for fall and rustic pieces and add a Halloween twist to them. This way, you can use the decors a little longer than Halloween. You can also combine different pieces so you can create a more unique and classy decors. A perfect example is using fairy lights with your pumpkins. Lay your pumpkins your mantelpiece and add fairy lights for a more sophisticated look.

Try these tips and you’ll be able to achieve a Halloween-inspired home that’s subtle and chic.

Classy Halloween Decorations Top Picks

To make it easier for you to decorate your home, we’ve picked out these classy Halloween decorations. These will surely bring out your Halloween spirit without having to worry about turning your home into a ghoulish one.

For your front door

These Halloween-inspired decors are perfect for adding more ghoulish charm to your front door.

1. Tiny Land 20 Inches Fall Wreath for Front Door

This beautiful rustic wreath is not just for Halloween. In fact, you can use this for the entire fall season. It has a versatile design that lets you get into the Halloween spirit without giving your visitors a fright. You can purchase one from Amazon.

2. besttoyhome 12-Piece Assorted Sizes Rustic Harvest White Artificial Pumpkin

It’s always a great idea to add different elements to your home décor. Instead of using the usual orange pumpkins, these artificial white ones are perfect for adding a different kind of Halloween spirit to your front door. It comes in different sizes, too, so you get to play around when it comes to designing your front door’s aesthetics. This set is available on Amazon.

3 .JamBer Fall Maple Leaf Garland Fairy Lights

Adding fairy lights is always a great idea, as they add more depth to your home décor. This set of maple leaf fairy lights is perfect for Halloween. Place them on your front door together with the white pumpkins for a more polished effect. You can buy these from Amazon.

4. Kangaroo’s 36-Inch Witches Straw Broom

Add a wicked effect to your front door with this straw broom. Placing it on the corner of your front door can do wonders when it comes to achieving a Halloween-inspired design. You can get this from Amazon.

5. Entryways Scrolled Pumpkin Non-Slip Coconut Fiber Doormat

Lastly, adding a doormat outside your front door is a great way to greet your guests. This pumpkin doormat is a subtle way to add Halloween to your home décor this season. You can purchase this from Amazon.

You can find more home decors for your front here:

For your living room

We chose these subtle Halloween decorative pieces in case you want a slight hint of Halloween inside your home.

1. MERNETTE 2-Pack Corduroy Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers in Striped Orange

Add a hint of Halloween (and fall) colors to your living room. This pair of orange corduroy pillow covers are a great addition to add a pop of bright shades in your living room area. You can buy a pair from Amazon.

2. Anickal Halloween Decorative Set of 2 Black Lumbar Pillow Covers

To stick to your Halloween-inspired décor, you can add pops of black throws into your living room. These black lumbar pillow covers go well with the orange corduroy throw pillow covers featured above. You can purchase a pack of 2 from Amazon.

3. WsCrafts 6-Piece Assorted Sizes Orange Pumpkin Burlap Ornaments

These cute burlap pumpkins can be living room accents or a part of your living room table’s centerpiece. These cute decors are perfect for Halloween, as well as the fall season. This 6-piece set is available on Amazon.

4. Falkert Interior Ghost Figurine

This adorable ghost figurine can also be a part of your living room table’s centerpiece. It’s a cute take on ghouls and it won’t scare off your guests. You can also add this on your mantelpiece or a corner of your living room. You can buy this from Amazon.

5. Bat Clock from The Escape Clock

Lastly, add more Halloween flair to your walls by installing this gorgeous bat clock. It adds depth and a spooky vibe on your living room walls. You can get this from Amazon.

Find more living room decors here:

For your kitchen

Here are some Halloween-inspired dishes and serveware you can use for your home.

1. Corelle Chip Resistant Appetizer Plate

This 8-piece set is just too darn cute to be stuck in your cupboard! Bring them out and let them be part of your Halloween celebration. It comes in 4 designs that are Halloween-friendly. You can purchase a set from Amazon.

2. Hugging Ghosts Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Here’s another cute addition to your kitchen. This salt and pepper are designed in hugging ghosts – very fitting for Halloween. This cute set is available on Amazon.

3. Staub Ceramics Pumpkin Cocotte

Use this cute pumpkin serveware to serve your soup and other dishes. This cocotte is freezer and oven safe so you can create delicious meals with it. It’s also available in Matte Black, Rustic Ivory, and White. You can grab this from Amazon.

4. Black Plastic Cauldron Bucket with Handle

Serve your snacks with style this Halloween. This cauldron bucket is great for serving snacks such as popcorn, pretzels, and chips to your guests. Your kids can even use it as a trick or treat bucket! You can grab one from Amazon.

5. 4-Piece Pumpkin Peeps Vintage Style Halloween Ceramic Mugs

Lastly, serve drinks such as hot coco, coffee, or tea in these super cute ceramic mugs. These Halloween-inspired mugs have a vintage feel that makes you want to just curl up and relax with a good hot cup of coffee. These cute mugs are available on Amazon.

We’ve also found other Halloween-inspired pieces for your kitchen here:

For your bathroom

You can also add Halloween elements to your bathroom. Here are our top picks:

1. Naanie Halloween Boo Pattern with Black Cat Large Hand Towel

Use Halloween-inspired towels to add color to your bathroom this Halloween. This cute hand towel has an adorable print that screams Halloween. Available for purchase on Amazon.

2. Celebrate Halloween Black Cat Round Bath Rug

Here’s another cute Halloween-related décor for your bathroom. This black cat rug is just what you need to add more cuteness to your bathroom floor! You can purchase one from Amazon.

3. Set of 3 Simple Pleasures Luxury Scented Halloween Themed Hand Soap Dispensers

If you are looking for eerie yet cute, these soap dispensers are just what you need! They are functional, as well as decorative. The set includes a black cat, pumpkin, and ghost. You can buy this from Amazon.

4. Michel Design Works Candle and Soap Gift Set in Trick or Treat

Grab a matching candle and soap scent and add them to your bathroom as a décor and an addition to your bathroom essentials. This set is available on Amazon.

5. Urban Naturals Pumpkin Brulee Scented Sticks Reed Diffuser Oil Set

Finally, add a diffuser to your bathroom that reminds you of Halloween. This pumpkin brulee scent from Urban Naturals is perfect for your bathroom. You can get one from Amazon.

You can get more Halloween decors for your bathroom here:

For your bedroom

When it comes to your bedroom, you need to choose subtle Halloween decors to avoid getting spooked in the middle of the night. You still want to maintain a calm and cozy ambiance, since the bedroom is where you can relax and unwind. Here are some simple decors that still remind you of Halloween:

1. 4-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Start with your bed. You can change the sheets and use a Halloween-inspired duvet set like this one. The bat prints are a subtle way of incorporating Halloween into your bedroom. You can get one from Amazon.

2. Set of 2 Home Brilliant Decorative Faux Fur Accent Cushion Cover

To add more personality to your bedroom, you can use these faux fur cushion covers. These are great accents to the bedroom, especially the bed. You can buy a set of 2 from Amazon.

3. Chanasya Super Soft Fuzzy Faux Fur Elegant Blanket

This orange blanket is a perfect addition to your bedroom. It adds color to your bat-printed sheets and it creates a Halloween-inspired look for your bedroom. You can grab one from Amazon.

4. Apple Hill Candle Company Natural Soy Candle

Adding this natural soy candle in pumpkin pie scent is a great way to keep your room smelling fresh. The cute candle can also serve as an additional Halloween décor for your bedroom. This is available on Amazon.

5. Roman Pumpkin Plug In Night Light

If you are one of those who have a hard time sleeping without a nightlight, this is for you. Simply plug into an electric socket and it will light up the room with confetti. You can buy this from Amazon.

Get your hands on these cute Halloween-themed bedroom essentials here:

When it comes to classy Halloween decorations, has some great choices for you. You can use these subtle Halloween-inspired decors to turn your home into a festive one. What’s great about these decors is that they are functional and you can use them for a long time.

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