Are you a travel bee? Or a hopping newbie? No matter what kind of traveler you are, there exists a single denominator. Whilst traveling is indeed great, the ‘baggage’ you carry could be a real burden. But this should not hamper you to go out! Dare up to a longer travel challenge with a lesser baggage. Here are the newest, most unique, versatile, traveler- friendly products you must have!

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Compresslite Jacket from TheCraghoppers

During trips, weather conditions can be crazily ever- changing. What you need is the proper suits to protect you especially during low degree season.Yet, cold clothing can be really bulky and heavy. Now’s here’s the warmest solution! Craghopper’sCompresslite jacket is an all- around clothing that can be packed down like a small pouch to fit even inside your daybag! It can protect you down until -10 degree Celsius.Its design is simple and comes in various monochromatic colors! Style and comfort in one!

Clear Water Purifier by Camelbak

It’s a common fact- tap water in most countries is not safe for drinking. And, buying bottled water every time can be costly and un-environment- friendly. Never to worry again, Camelbak’s All Clear water purifier converts ordinary water to something safe to consume. It makes use of UV rays to weaken bacteria, protozoan cysts, and viruses and render them unable to reproduce and replicate just within 60 seconds. It is charged via USB cable and could stand a thousand times of purifications.Such disease- preventing feature and money- saving perk make this travel product a must have!

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Eagle Creek’s Convertabrief

If you’re the techie type, then you must need a perfect bag to fit all your thingamabobs! There might be many kinds out there, but the question is: Does it offer ‘comfort’ to your gadget and ‘convenience’ for you? For your fragile, precious possessions, Eagle Creek has given you their unique bag innovation called Convertabrief. With its large storage space, strong fabric and classy design, the product gives your tech gadgets an excellent resting place. It has separate laptop and tablet sleeves that can be fully exposed once unzipped so passing through airport security would be a piece of cake. Aside from its many pockets, it highlights optional backpack and shoulder straps so you could alter the way you’d want to carry it!

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Flash Compact Cooking System by Jetboil

Well, you’ve your water to drink, how about your food? REAL travelers don’t normally go to restaurants. It’d be more expensive and less adventurous. However, cooking your own food could be a tougher challenge when you are on the road. Here comes the Jetboil Flash Compact Cooking system. Having oatmeal and coffee for breakfast? No problem. Craving for soup, pasta or stew for dinner? You got it! Packed inside the product’s own pot, its mini-stove and gas can actually boil water in just 45 seconds! Its design, ease of use, speed and itwn own recipe book make Jetboil’s Flash system a sure you-gotta-have-it!

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 Travel Pillow by Travelrest

Planes, trains, land buses and other mode of transportation do not only bring you to your destination but they also provide the place and time where you can take a nap and rest. Yet, sleeping on your chair can be a huge discomfort- but not if you have the best pillow! Speaking of the best, we’re talking about Travel rest’s latest innovation. Its one-of-kind pillow has a distinctive design that can fully support your head. It can also be attached on your seatbelt so you won’t worry about waking up hastily without it. But is it not that bringing a pillow during travels a hassle? Exactly! With Travelrest Pillow, you need not freak out about carrying the bulk; it is inflatable so it won’t bother your suitcase when it’s not in use. For $26, the product is indeed heaven sent!

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Propet Travel Walker II

Your feet carry you to a thousand mile journey or more. They only deserve nothing but the best accessories to keep you walking, running, treading! Propet Travel Walker is just that! These shoes offer you enough support for your daily travel activities. Propet’s miracle sneakers are highly durable that they have stood the test of time and they even come with a 1,000 mile/ six month guarantee! The style is another pro- they come not-too-athletic yet look trendy and sporty enough.  It’s most appealing feature by far,Propet Travel Walker can be folded down to fit inside your carry- ons! These and more for just $36!


Clever Travel Companion Apparel

Ever worried about losing your precious possessions during travel? Or scared of the many pickpocketers that are rumored to exist in any area? Raise your own Excalibur and face your fears! Clever Travel companion gives you the simplest solution to safeguard your valuables including your money. This clothing line is a traveler’s must- fave; it features apparels such as underwear, long johns, shirt and other clothing items with built in zippered pockets where you can place your money, IDs or passport. Unlike the bulky and obvious money belt, the pockets give you easy access to your valuables without being too vulgar! Surely, thieves would not even notice them or wouldn’t dare getting into them! Easy anti- pickpocketing scheme!

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Magellan’s VaultPro RFID Convertible Backpack II

Get maximum protection for your valuables and personal information with the VaultPro RFID Convertible Backpack II. This convertible bag can be carried over your shoulder, sling-style, or worn as a traditional backpack. But, no matter how you wear it, you’ll get all the protection you need thanks to slash-proof straps, steel mesh-reinforced nylon fabric, and lockable zippers. There’s even a fold-over flap for even more protection against pickpockets. Inside, you’ll find plenty of space for essentials with a central main compartment that includes RFID-protected card slots and passport pocket, and two additional zippered pockets large enough for a tablet. Finally, two more exterior pockets provide storage for other frequently needed must-haves.



Switch 8 Solar- Recharging Kit by Goal Zero

Another challenge for travelers is inaccessibility to electrical power. Either the area you are visiting at is outage- prone or no power at all exists, you have no choice but to look at available energy resources. Well, you don’t need to search so far; you can simply look at the sky and voila, there’s the sun! Dedicated to creating reliable portable solutions, Goal Zero has released different kinds of solar charges and batteries for your perusal. A real stand out for customers, the new Switch 8 kit contains one felt tip marker- sized battery and a small, compact solar panel. The battery can both be charged by a USB for 4 hours or the solar panel for 8 hours, so you can use it with or without the sun! Try it fully charged and you can power up a Smartphone or a GoPro twice, or a DSLR camera once.

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Pro Camera Extender by Xshot

Everybody loves a good Selfie. Who would not, when the main subject is yourself? Take it to a professional notch with this highly recommended Xshot Pro Camera Extender. This amazing model can hold a smartphone, a GoPro or a point- and- shoot camera. You can also vary the angle and the distance with its simple telescoping rod handle. Thanks to Xshot Pro camera Extender, you don’t need to worry about traveling alone and taking your own photos and videos. It maybe is a once in a lifetime experience so get every moment captured!

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The world is a many splendored thing. There is no other way to unravel its many splendors than going out and getting into a traveling escapade! And when you do, don’t forget to carry the 10 travel products for a weariless, travel no stress!

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