Weddings are heading to an exciting new direction this 2015!

Clue: not fancy but highly-detailed. Have you pictured it out yet? Here are the top 5 wedding trends in 2015.

Country/ Western/ Boho Chic Theme

Bride is wearing cowboy boots and the bouquet is beside her boots.

2015 will be the year for one-of-a-kind weddings which may cause quite a stir among the parents. We’ve got to say, country wedding themes, western wedding themes and boho chic wedding themes are quite a challenge to pull off.

Sourcing decors and other materials like invitations, tags and even planning the menu, can be harder than usual. But the great thing is that these kinds of weddings will most likely leave a mark on guests, as they’re not only unique but are also highly-detailed.

Creative Food & Drinks

Close up of mini hamburgers at catering event.

What type of wedding serves mini burgers and leave guests to fend drinks for themselves? 2015 weddings, of course! The presentation of food and drinks has gone a long way from the usual set-up.

Buffet with refreshing beverages at a wedding out of the church

Nowadays, anything from eating while standing to gathering on a huge table for a boodle feast clicks!

Playful Wedding Dresses

short dress

Food and drinks are not the only ones veering away from the traditional fanciness of weddings. This year, more and more brides are expected to be walking down the aisle – or the farm – wearing boots and dresses we’d never thought would pass up as a bridal outfit.

flower garland

Looking for inspiration? Check out what Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and other trend-setters if you’re doing country/ western/ boho chic as a wedding theme.

Unusual Venues


Forget hotels and boring function rooms. Say “I do” with horses on the background… exchange marital vows in a cave… the possibilities are endless! It’ll be trick though, requiring superb logistics, but we’re sure it’ll all be worth it!

All Things Marsala

Three different color peonies isolated on white background

Of course, your wedding should make use of marsala-colored items and we can’t help but suggest having flowers in rich wine color.

Are you excited for these fresh 2015 wedding trends? Share your thoughts!

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