Winter is a time when your skincare needs to really ramp up. With the dryness and the coldness of the air, there’s a bigger chance for your skin to dry out. The likelihood of clogged pores and breakouts also increases, not to mention the damage your skin will accrue from the elements. You’ll start experiencing cracked or chapped skin as the temperature and humidity drops.

During this season, you have to make sure that you adapt appropriately. It’s time for a different type of skin regime over the winter, with different skincare products. Get started on revamping your skincare routine with some of the top products to have during the winter season.

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1. Cream Cleanser

Gel and foam cleansers might be far too harsh for your skin during this season. They might just cause your skin to lose even more moisture, and strip it of its natural hydration. In this end, you can switch things up with a cream cleanser. Apart from being gentler on your skin, cream cleansers will be able to give your skin more moisture and nourishment in ways the other two won’t.

a. Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser – Peter Thomas Roth is famous for its dermatologically advanced skincare. The Cloud Cream Cleanser is as gentle as they come: it will maintain your skin’s moisture levels as it retains a thousand times its weight in water. It also removes impurities and soothes skin. Get it at Orchard Mile.

b. Mario Badescu Keratoplast Cream Soap – Mario Badescu’s name has been synonymous with amazing skincare. This cream soap is another very gentle but very thorough skin cleanser. The Keratoplast ingredient reduces redness and eliminates pore clogs. Get it at Nordstrom.

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2. Charcoal Mask

In your skin’s delicate state, heavy duty mud masks may not be the answer. The environment during winter causes impurities to build up in your pores and damage the skin, causing it to look dull. Charcoal masks will lift the dullness from winter-tired skin and brighten your complexion. They do this by powerfully but gently clearing out your pores.

a. Boscia Luminizing Black Charcoal Mask – Perfect for all skin types, this mask has more than just activated charcoal that deep-cleanses your skin. It’s also got rich minerals that have been carefully designed to help your skin reveal a clearer, brighter complexion. Find it at Anthropologie.

b. Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Honey Mask – This mask utilizes bamboo charcoal, which is the cleanest and most skin-beneficial form of charcoal. The charcoal itself is the active ingredient that draws out the impurities and debris. It works well for all skin types and leaves the skin nourished. Get it at Nordstrom.

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3. Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Hyaluronic Acid is currently one of the biggest buzzwords in the skincare world. This highly in-demand ingredient is seen as a miracle item: it infuses your skin with unheard-of levels of moisture. Hyaluronic Acid (or HA) also helps your skin retain this moisture for longer periods and also help in reversing the aging process. This is something extremely necessary for your skin during the dry winter months, as you’ll want to infuse your skin with as much moisture as you can.

a. m-61 by Bluemercury Hydraboost Ha Serum Pad – This highly regarded item has a triple-action HA complex designed to boost what is already naturally there in your skin. It helps you retain moisture while the peptides aid the natural firmness of your skin. It comes in pad form, making it convenient and much less wasteful. Get it at Macy’s.

b. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate – Keihl’s remains among the top names of state-of-the-art skincare, and this incredible solution will be no different. Designed for individuals looking for high strength performance, this concentrate has fragmented hyaluronic acid and pure vitamin C. Get it at StrawberryNet.

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4. Facial Cream

With your skin drying and dulling in winter, it’s time to bring out the heavy duty facial creams. Regular moisturizers won’t be able to sustain the moisture and nutrients in your skin the way creams can. Creams typically contain a lot of moisture, as well as more concentrated skin care ingredients, and lock this into your skin. It’s also excellent to put on before bedtime, so your skin can absorb it to maximum efficiency.

a. Kiehl’s Since 1851 Ultra Facial Cream – Fit for every skin type, this lightweight facial cream will give you all the nourishment and moisture without feeling heavy. It contains glycoproteins and Squalene, which instantly hydrates dry skin. It’s been tested to work in the harshest of environments, so it’s a home run for winter for sure. Get it at Bloomingdale’s.

b. Naisture Cica Repair Cream – Cica cream is another of the recent in-demand ingredients. Recently discovered and popularized primarily in Korea, centella asiatica or Tiger Grass aims not just to nourish and properly moisturize the skin, but also to repair it. It knocks out redness, inflammation and blemishes. Pick it up at Francesca’s.

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5. Lip Balm

Don’t forget your lips. As some of the most sensitive parts of your face, your lips will be the first to dry out and chap in harsh temperatures. During the winter, it’s absolutely essential to protect them as they will be delicate, prone to drying and chapping. If they don’t stay hydrated with a balm that is guaranteed to keep them moist and fresh, you might end up with bleeding and cracked lips.

a. Rosebud Perfume Co. Rosebud Salve – This famous salve is a cult favorite for a reason: it just works! It’s considered as one of the must-have lip balms and has multiple benefits. The balm soothes and repairs irritation, and is even powerful enough to relieve burn stings. It keeps your lips plumply moisturized and healthy. Get it at Sephora.

b. Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25 Duo – It seems a little shocking that a skincare item branded by Jack Black has received so much acclaim, but the Intense Lip Therapy Balm is considered as one of the most effective in the market. It contains skin conditioners and antioxidants that heal lips. The grapefruit, ginger, and shea butter refreshes and moisturizes lips. Get a duo pair of them at Nordstrom.


With this arsenal of amazing skin care under your belt, there’s no chance that winter’s harsh conditions will keep you from having bright, healthy skin.

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