Toys We Love: HearthSong Toys that Beat the Summer Heat

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There’s no doubt that play is a big part of child development. From the moment babies are born to their adulthood, play pretend has many benefits. Aside from their imagination, kids can develop their creativity, cognitive skills, motor skills, emotional skills, and many more. With this in mind, many parents are in a constant search for pretend play toys that help aid their children’s development. Luckily, we’ve found a brand that is committed to creating toys that grow with the kids.


HearthSong, toys for summer

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In this post, we’re featuring different toys from HearthSong. HearthSong is a company that creates a variety of toys that are suitable for ages 0 up to 12+. What we love about this company is that each toy allows kids to be kids. They are a lot of fun to play with and are designed for different age groups. The brand offers inflatables, play gyms, and even hammocks for kids.

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HearthSong Toys for Every Age Group


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HearthSong offers toys that are suitable for kids 0 to 12+. If you are a parent and you need something that will keep the kids busy, these toys are perfect. The kids are sure to enjoy every time they play with these cool and exciting toys. Browse below for some age appropriate toys for your kiddos.


For Ages 0 to 2


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Introduce these toys to babies and toddlers to help them strengthen their motor skills. Playtime also means fun time with mom and dad. These toys are helpful in establishing a bond with parents and their baby or toddler. Check out these toys we love:

(1) Sun Shade Pop Up Pool

Let your little one soak up the sun. This mini pop up pool is easy to install and assemble. It’s also perfect for a baby or toddler, since it’s not too deep. Adult supervision is still required, since the little ones still need some support sitting down or standing up. This mini pool features a detachable sunshade so kids are protected from the sun. Aside from using this as a pool, you can also turn this into a mini ball pit or sandbox for the kids. Order this now from HearthSong.

(2) Inflatable Llama Splashy Sprinkler with Splash Pad

Kids are sure to go gaga over this adorable llama sprinkler and splash pad. They’ll be able to keep their cool this summer season while they play outdoors with this cure inflatable toy. This is available on HearthSong.

(3) Sand and Water Activity Table

Allow the kids to get messy! This activity table turns into a sand and water play area that’s perfect for outdoor use. Kids can enhance their motor skills while they play with water and sand. They’ll also learn more about texture as they explore and play in this activity table. You can buy this from HearthSong.

(4) Double Level Hexagonal Sandbox with Canopy Cover

Kids can play in this sandbox for hours! It includes a canopy to keep the little ones safe from the sun. They can spend hours and hours building, digging, and playing with sand. This sandbox is easy to assemble as no tools are required. You can order one now from HearthSong.

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For Ages 3 to 5


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If you have kids ages 3 to 5 years old, playtime is taken up a notch. Kids this age enjoy more physical activities like running around or playing outside because they have so much energy. Grab these toys and let your kids enjoy the outdoors.

(1) Super Sized Coral Reef Aquapod with 36 Fish

Kids can hang out comfortably and cooly outdoors with this aquapod. It can be used safely for sensory play, as well as water play. This inflatable includes 36 fish that kids can watch as they swim and wiggle their tails around. Grab this from HearthSong.

(2) Giant Inflatable Mister Shark Sprinkler

This super sized shark sprinkle bring loads of fun, especially during this summer! Cool water is sprayed through its mouth for up to 10 feet. It’s easy to inflate and deflate with its 2-stage valve. Attached this to your garden hose and you and the kids can have a jaw-some time playing. Purchase one from HearthSong.

(3) Inflatable Rainbow Arch Sprinkler

Here’s another sprinkler that will surely keep the kids entertained and cooled down this summer. It’s easy to assemble. Simply inflate and attach to your garden hose. This inflatable toy will keep the kids (and adults) happy. You can buy this from HearthSong.

(4) Mud Kitchen with Stainless Steel Accessories

Let your children’s imagination run free. This play pretend mud kitchen lets your little ones enjoy sensory play, as well as playing pretend kitchen, while they are outdoors. Kids can create “dishes” that they can think of using grass, sand, and mud. There’s no limits as to what the little kids can do with this mud kitchen. This play toy is available on HearthSong.

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For Ages 6 to 8


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Kids ages 6 to 8 also needs physical activities. These toys can help them stay fit and stay cool this season. Parents and kids can play together with these swings, inflatables, and pretend play toys while they enjoy learning and having fun. Here are some of the toys we love for this age group.

(1) Sky Island Platform Swing

Kids can play and relax all day in this platform swing. They can rock back and forth, as well as enjoy and soak up the sun, while they lounge on this round swing. They can spend hours or even a whole day sprawled on the swing’s platform. Purchase this from HearthSong.

(2) Ultimate Dual Water Slide Sprinkler with Two Speed Boards

Have fun splishing and splashing around with the kids! This 25-inch long water slide includes water sprinklers that are sure to keep everyone cooled down. The slide is also 48 inches wide so you don’t have to worry about kids slamming into each other as they slide side by side. Enjoy endless slippery water fun in your backyard! You can buy this from HearthSong.

(3) Sky Island Platform Swing

This is another version of the platform swing. Kids can spin, swing, rock, and daydream while they play in this swing. This toy requires adult assembly and is equipped with foam and support that are safe for kids and adults. This is available on HearthSong.

(4) Grow With Me Triple Garden Planter

Introduce your little one to gardening. It can help improve the kids’ patience and discipline as they take care of their plants. You and the kids can plant and grow flowers, veggies, herbs, and other plants you can think of. Adult assembly is required. Order yours now on HearthSong.

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For Ages 9 to 12


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HearthSong’s toys for the 9 to 12 year old age group are more physically challenging but are still a lot of fun. Some toys can also be used by smaller kids but with adult supervision. These inflatables are perfect for the summer and they will keep kids’ boredom away.

(1) Inflatable Super Backyard Water Slide

Add more fun to your backyard pool! Install this water slide inflatable and the kids are sure to drain their energy as they play and slide through this inflatable. It’s easy to assemble as it inflates and deflates fast. It can also hold up to 150 pounds. You can purchase this from HearthSong.

(2) Strike Zone Bowling Water Slide with Two Speed Boards

Made from heavy duty PVC, this water slide is durable and can hold up to 110 pounds per board. This splash pool and sprinkler lets your kids have a fun time while they slide through a make-shift bowling alley. This is ideal for kids 5 to 12 years old. Grab one now from HearthSong.

(3) Inflatable Tire Run with Sprinkler

Kids can go on a race while staying cool under the summer sun. This tire run inflatable sprinkler is just what the kiddos need to stay fit and entertained during their summer vacation. Only available on HearthSong.

(4) Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Rolling Wheel

Kids are going to spend all their energy rolling in these inflatable wheels! Simply inflate and let the kids go crazy. Great for summer activities, as well as kiddie parties. These wheels can support up to 200 pounds. Place your orders now on HearthSong.

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For Ages 12+


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Lastly, HearthSong also offers toys that even older kids, who are 12 years old and above, can enjoy. Check them all out here:

(1) 36 Inch Inflatable Buddy Bumper Ball with LED Lights and Colorful Confetti

Now these toys are a unique way to keep kids entertained. These inflatable buddy bumper balls can keep kids active and occupied this summer. Kids can wear a bumper ball each and have a great time bumping into each other. Purchase this from HearthSong.

(2)Football and Disc Target Kick ‘n Toss Set

Let your aspiring footballer hone his or her skills even when at home. This lightweight practice set lets your kids practice their football skills anytime and anywhere. Order one from HearthSong.

(3) Inflatable Volleyball Sprinkler with Ball

Sports and water fun are combined in this inflatable toy. Adults and kids can play volleyball while they enjoy a splash using this volleyball sprinkler. Available on HearthSong.

(4) Nylon Family HugglePod Hangout and Stand Set

The entire family can have a relaxing summer afternoon as you all relax in this HugglePod. It’s durable, as well as weather resistant. You can hang it out so you and the little ones can swing and get cozy inside. You can buy this from HearthSong.

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HearthSong has a a wide range of children’s toys that aim to promote child’s play. Let kids be kids this summer and get your hands on one of the brand’s inflatable toys. You and the kids can enjoy a refreshing summer while spending quality time with each other.


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