Designing and decorating your own home can be difficult. You need to think of several factors such as your home’s layout, the theme of the room, and the type of furniture that you’re going to use. Luckily, Palette by One Kings Lane is now available to help homeowners and decorators to easily turn a plain and simple room into a festive and vibrant one.

Palette by One Kings Lane

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One Kings Lane’s new collection lets you choose and design different furniture such as your bed’s headboard, throw pillows, benches, ottomans, chairs, and settees. You’ll be able to design your own furniture based on your preferences. All it takes is three easy steps:

1. Choose the fabric.

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First, you have to choose from eight different fabrics. You can choose from:

1. Pagodas | 2. Stars | 3. Paisley | 4. Vines | 5. Lemons | 6. Gingham | 7. Dots | 8. Stripe

These different fabric patterns can help you turn plain and simple furniture into whimsical and modern decorative pieces. You can choose different patterns for different furniture, depending on your taste.

2. Choose the color and scale.

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The key to livening up a room is to choose the right color combination. With Palette by One Kings Lane, you can easily view different color combinations and see how they would look on the furniture. You can mix and match different colors to create a unique furniture. Experiment with different color combinations until you create the perfect one for your home. You can also adjust the size of your fabric designs.

3. Add some finishing touches.

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Lastly, you can add some finishing touches to your furniture. You can change the leg finishes, as well as the brass caps, of your sofas and accent chairs. You can indicate the side of your bed to ensure that your customized furniture fits your room.

Once you’re done with these three steps, you just have to wait for your furniture to be made and delivered to your home. You’ll be able to get your customized pieces in just three short weeks!

Palette Inspirations

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We’ve tried out Palette by One Kings Lane and we have so much fun designing different pieces of furniture! Check you the pieces we’ve designed here:

1. Daphne Slipper Chair

This beautiful piece of furniture is great as an accent chair in the bedroom or the living room. We designed it with a paisley print in soft blue and citrine hues for an added whimsical feel. Try designing one here.

2. 20×20 Decorative Pillow

You can also create your own decorative pillows using Palette by One Kings Lane. We designed our own using the paisley print to pair it with our Daphne Slipper Chair. We customized it using teal and light blue shades. You can design your own here.

3. Anne Skirted Storage

This is a great piece of furniture that provides a sitting space, as well as an additional storage, for your home. We used the large dot pattern in chambray and pink shades. Make your own here.

4. Bacall Settee

Create a home with subtle hints of pink. We designed this bacall settee using the large stars print and using the raspberry and light pink shades. This is a perfect piece to add to your living room, bedroom, or home office. Create your own here.

5. Aurora Wingback Headboard

Create a bedroom that you’ll want to come home to every night. We used the pagodas pattern for this headboard and we used the chambray, as well as the light blue, shades. Customize your own headboard here.

6. Alameda Bench

The Alameda Bench is ideal as a home accent for the living room, bedroom, and even your backyard. Using the stripe fabric pattern, we designed this bench and added a cool vibe to it with the help of the indigo and chambray color combination. Decorate your own bench here.

7. Marie Accent Chair

This furniture may be an accent chair but you can also use this as a dining chair. It will add color and personality to your living room, bedroom, and dining room. For this furniture, we used the paisley pattern and a color combination of lilac and black shades. You can create yours here.

8. Quinn Swoop-Arm Chair

If you want to create a summer or tropical vibe in your home, you can use the Quinn Swoop-Arm Chair. We used the lemon fabric to instantly give this chair a fresh personality. For the color combination, we used the raspberry and sun hues. Design one here.

9. 20×20 Decorative Pillow

We can’t get enough of this decorative pillow! We’ve designed various ones but this lemon-printed design inspired us to pair it with the lemon-printed Quinn Swoop-Arm Chair we customized. Again, we used the lemon pattern with the sun and seafoam shade. You can also create your own here.

10. Novak Headboard

If you plan on designing another bedroom, you can choose hues that are fun and vibrant. For this headboard, we used the stripe fabric pattern and the coral and light pink combination. Perfect for a little girl’s room or the guest room. Design your own headboard here.


Palette by One Kings Lane is a great and fun way to create and design custom furniture based on your taste, preference, and theme for your home. is your resource on the latest home and décor trends. You can view some of our home and décor related posts below:

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