Unique Easter Basket Fillers You Need Right Now


Easter is a special time of year that is often celebrated with family, friends, and of course, Easter baskets! While traditional Easter basket fillers, such as candies and chocolates, are always popular, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up and include unique and unexpected items in your baskets. Whether you’re putting together Easter baskets for kids, tweens, and teenagers, there are plenty of fun and creative Easter basket fillers that are sure to delight. In this blog, we’ll explore some unique Easter basket fillers you might not have considered before. From Easter-themed treats to quirky toys, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, if you’re looking to make your Easter baskets stand out this year, read on for some inspiration.

Must-Have Easter Basket Fillers

Check out what unique Easter basket fillers we’ve found!


1) How to Catch the Easter Bunny Hardcover by Adam Wallace

Easter-themed books such as this one is a great way to introduce children to young kids and to remind bigger kids about the reason why Easter is celebrated. Include this hardcover book in your Easter basket for an educational Easter basket filled. Available on Amazon.

2) 36-Sheet Easter Sticker Sheets

Allow the kids to get creative with these Easter-themed sticker sheets. Get them to Easter eggs, bunnies, and other designs using colorful stickers! Available on Amazon.

3) 6-Piece Easter Eggs Light Up Flashing Spinning Tops

Have endless fun and play with these spinning tops. These are a great addition to your Easter baskets, as they are unique and engaging. Available on Amazon.

4) Slime Easter Eggs

You can never go wrong with slime! Add these slime Easter eggs as basket fillers, and the kids and kids at heart are sure to enjoy them. These are great for improving motor skills and for stress relief. Available on Amazon.

5) 12-Pack Mini Easter Fidget Sensory Simple Pop Toys

How cute are these Easter-themed pop-it toys? These mini-sized are perfect for kids of all ages. They come in keychains, so kids can just pop them whenever and wherever. Available on Amazon.


6) Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunny

For Easter-themed treats, this Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bunny is a must-have. Include this chocolate in your basket to make the celebration sweeter. Available on Amazon.

7) M&M’s Easter Egg Milk Chocolate Candy

Here’s some egg-stra special basket fillers for your Easter baskets. Each Easter egg is filled with M&M’s treats! Available on Amazon.

8) Orange Chocolate Peanut Butter Pieces in Carrot Packaging

Another adorable Easter treat! These peanut butter chocolate pieces are packaged in cute carrot bags that are just perfect for the occasion. Available on Amazon.

9) Marshmallow Peeps in Pink, Purple, and Yellow Easter Bunnies

Marshmallow Peeps are an Easter staple, which is why you need to include these in your Easter baskets. They also come in yummy colors – pink, purple, and yellow! Available on Amazon.

10) 4-Pack Kinder Joy

If you want Easter eggs that are packed with chocolate and toys, Kinder Joy eggs are your best choice. Kids won’t just enjoy the hazelnut chocolate, but they will also find surprise toys inside! Available on Amazon.

Easter baskets are a beloved tradition that can be made even more special with the addition of unique and creative fillers. Whether you opt for personalized gifts or one-of-a-kind Easter-themed toys, there are endless possibilities when it comes to filling your Easter baskets with unexpected treasures. By thinking outside the box and incorporating some of the ideas we’ve explored in this blog, you can create Easter baskets that kids of all ages are sure to love. So, why not try something new this year and make this year’s Easter celebration truly unforgettable. Happy Easter from Teelie Turner!

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