Unique Halloween Themes to Try Out This Year

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We are so used to the traditional Halloween theme of orange and black. Every year, it’s the same decors and the same colors, which can feel like a routine. This year, why not change things a bit? Why not try something new? We’ve come up with some unique Halloween themes that you can try out. These may not be what you’re used to setting up every year, but we promise it would be so much fun!


A Different Kind of Halloween

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Try out something different for Halloween this year. You can explore different themes to make the celebration fun and surprising. Some of the themes we featured are simple and easy to set up. However, they still have the Halloween spirit. Find more about each topic as you scroll down below.


Ghost White


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We all know ghosts are a big part of Halloween. These spooky creatures are sure to give kids (and adults) a fright. For this theme, you can go all white without having the Christmas feels. An All-White Halloween may not be as bad if you have the right decors. White can be very minimalist so make sure to add some contrasting black decors to add a bit more personality and scare to your overall decors. Black spiders and bats should do the trick. Here are some white-themed Halloween decors you can get:

(1) DERAYEE Fall Artificial Pumpkins in White

Get 6 pumpkins in different designs and sizes when you get this set. You can add creepy faces to each pumpkin or you can simply use them as is. These pumpkins go perfectly with a Ghost White-themed Halloween. Use them as Halloween décor or even as fall accents for your home. Shop for this on Amazon.

(2) Hanging Halloween Ghosts

What’s an all-white Halloween without ghosts? This set is a great value for money, since it already includes 5 17.7-inch hanging ghosts. Place these in your living room, hallway, and even outdoors. Give trick or treaters a bit of a scare when you use these for your home’s Halloween décor. Shop for this on Amazon.

(3) Large Creepy Cloth Halloween Decoration

Add some more creepiness to your Halloween theme. Even if you’re going all white, you can still have fun adding some scary elements to your overall décor. This creepy cloth is just what you need to level up the fright factor this Halloween. Add some bats or spiders to complete your set up. Shop for this on Amazon.

(4) Halloween Skeleton Decorations

Of course, a bunch of skeletons decorations in your home is totally perfect for this theme. Get this 2-pack skeleton set that also includes 12 pieces of bat decors. These are 16 inches and full body skeletons. Place them outdoors or use them to spook the visitors in your home. Shop for this on Amazon.

(5) Giant Halloween Hairy Spider in White

Go all out in all white this year. Aside from the usual black spiders, get this gigantic white spider as well. It’s massive and measures 59 inches. Use this for your outdoor decoration or if your home is spacious, you can use this as a scary accent indoors. Shop for this on Amazon.

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Fortune Teller’s Halloween

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Add mystery to your Halloween celebration. Create a fortune teller’s vibe this Halloween. You can also make use of the decors as an added activity for you and your guests on Halloween. Read their fortunes and read their fate. Here are some essentials that you need for this theme.

(1) Alynsehom Tapestry Moon and Star Wall Hanging Decor

Use this wall décor as a backdrop for your fortune teller’s table. It features black and white shades and psychic reading details. Made with polyester and fabric. It has a certain bohemian vibe, as well as a mystic fortune teller ambiance. Shop for this on Amazon.

(2) Pacific Giftware Perched Raven On Skull Halloween Decor

Add some spooky elements in your overall decoration. This raven on skull piece is a nice addition to your tabletop. It provides a scare effect for the guests who wish to have their fortunes read. Shop for this on Amazon.

(3) Christmas String Lights in Purple

These purple string lights add a mystic ambiance to your home. Instead of the usual string lights, these purple ones are sure to add a bit more drama to your entire set up. Use it to light up the fortune telling area or even the outside of your home. Shop for this on Amazon.

(4) Yosoo Asian Rare Magic Crystal Healing Ball Art Decor

For decorative and dramatic purposes, this crystal ball is a must have for this theme. It’s the perfect prop for this Halloween motif. Once the holidays are over, you can still use this as an additional décor for your home study, living room, or even your bedroom. Shop for this on Amazon.

(5) Sagesight Classic Tarot Cards Deck with Guidebook

Learn the art of tarot card reading. This set can be a décor for your chosen theme. However, you can also learn how to read these tarot cards. Each set comes with a guidebook that instructs you on how to know what the cards mean. Shop for this on Amazon.

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Dia de los Muertos

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Dia de los Muertos is the Day of the Dead, which is a holiday that’s celebrated on November 1 and 2. It’s usually observed in Mexico, as well as other places where people of Mexican heritage live. It’s known for its sugar skulls, colorful flowers and banderitas. You can opt for this as an inspiration this Halloween. Check out these decors we’ve found.

(1) Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Stacked Day of the Dead Pumpkins

Made from stone resin, this Day of the Dead pumpkin stack is just too adorable. Each pumpkin has a whimsical twist to it. It measures 9.06 inches in height, 2.95 inches in length, and 2.76 in width. Use this as a centerpiece or home accent this Halloween. Shop for this on Amazon.

(2) Skeleton Skull Black Mariachi Band Trumpet Statue

Here’s another cute décor you can use this Halloween. You can place this indoors and outdoors. Made from resin. Shop for this on Amazon.

(3) Sugar Skulls Halloween Throw Pillows

Add this pair to your living room sofa. These are adorable decorations that’s perfect for this year’s Halloween theme. Each pillow is 17 inches in height, 10 inches in width, and 4.5 inches thick. Made from polyester and perfect as accent pillows. Shop for this on Amazon.

(4) Mexican Party Banners

Add more color to your entire decoration. This 40-piece set lets you decorate almost your entire house. The set comes with a variety of banner cutouts in vibrant colors. You’ll be able to create a Day of the Dead-inspired Halloween with this. Shop for this on Amazon.

(5) Department 56 Village Cross Day of the Dead Figurine Set

Lastly, these pair of decors is also a good addition to your entire set up. Use these as centerpieces and additional colorful decorations. Each set incldues 2 pieces. Shop for this on Amazon.

Find more decors here:


Fairy Witches


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Think Hocus Pocus but a whole lot more! Meet the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches – Trixie-Love, Issy, Hallie, Chef Gardenia, and Courtney. These fairy witches are sure to make your Halloween even more magical. Add these fairies to your home and experience a unique Halloween celebration.

(1) Fairy Trixie-Love Art Board Print

Printed on watercolor paper, this adorable art print can be used as a wall or table décor. Add Trixie-Love to your 5 Witches decors to add color to your set up. Shop for this on TeeliesFairyGarden.com.

(2) Issy’s Fairy Halloween Party Pillow

Add Issy to your living room sofa and she’ll instantly make the room feel like a lively Halloween party. The cute details and bold blue shade pop out on this black background throw pillow. Shop for this on TeeliesFairyGarden.com.

(3) Hallie’s Fairy Halloween Holiday Store Acrylic Block

Here’s another work of art featuring Hallie. The décor features a mounted photograph of this wonderful Halloween fairy in a 1-inch thick free standing acrylic block. Shop for this on TeeliesFairyGarden.com.

(4) Fairy Chef Gardenia Throw Pillow

Fairy Chef Gardenia’s throw pillow work perfectly well as a contrast to your Fairy Issy throw. The chic black dress and details of this fairy chef stands out in the bubblegum pink backgroun. Use this as an additional accent pillow for your living room sofa. Shop for this on TeeliesFairyGarden.com.

(5) Courtney’s Fairy Costume Coasters

Finally, add some pink and fairy magic to your dining area. These coasters feature Fairy Courtney and comes in a set of 4. Use this as a decorative and functional addition to your tablescape. Shop for this on TeeliesFairyGarden.com.


Since we’re talking about Halloween, you can meet the 5 Fairy Witches and join them on an adventure! Learn more about them in The Halloween Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches by Teelie Turner. This book is the perfect reading activity you can do with the kids this Halloween. Available in Kindle, Audiobook and Paperback. Purchase your copy now on Amazon.

Halloween, 5 Fairy Witches

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