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Candies, chocolates, and whatnots. Every party seems to have the same party favors. It’s time to shake things up and make your little one’s party extra special and more memorable. Don’t stick to traditional party favors. Choose unique party giveaways that promote kids’ creativity and imagination! If you want to steer clear from the usual giveaways you include in your favor bags, here are some unique favors you can try out.

Unique Party Giveaways for Your Child’s Birthday Party

No matter what party theme you choose, you’ll be able to find some of the coolest birthday party favors out there. Check out what we’ve found.

1. WikkiStix Birthday Fun Favors Pack of 20 Molding and Sculpting Sticks

Encourage your little one and his or her guests’ imagination. These sculpting and molding sticks lets the kids create a variety of artworks. This is a unique party favor that kids and adults will love. You can purchase a pack of 20 from Amazon.

2. 4-Pack IFFree Scratch and Sketch Art Note Pads

These notepads may have black pages but with a scratch of the stylus, kids and adults can create artworks and masterpieces in rainbow colors. These note pads are perfect party favors if you want your guests to enjoy your party until they go home. These sets are available in packs of 4 and 8. Buy them here.

3. 24-Pack 3-Inch Plush Sea Animals

If you’re having a mermaid or sea animals-themed party, these plush sea animals are too cute not to include in your favor bags! This 24-pack set comes in 6 different designs – clownfish, shark, crab, octopus, orca, and killer whale. Every child (and even adult) in your party will love these. Purchase a pack from Amazon.

4. 12-Piece Rhode Island Novelty Cupcake Lip Gloss

This pack is perfect for a tea party. It’s a unique party favor that girly girls are sure to love. These cupcakes are lip gloss disguised in our favorite sweet treats. This set is available for purchase at Amazon.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Gluten-Free in a Jar Nut-Free and Peanut-Free

End the party sweetly by giving these cakes in a jar to your guests. They can bring home an extra serving of dessert. It may be cake but it’s a very unique take on a birthday must-have. Grab these cakes in a jar here.

6. Customized Unicorn Soap

For a unicorn-themed party, you can give these super cute and useful customized soaps. Shaped and molded into unicorns, these party favors are sure to add sparkles and magic to the birthday party! You can get these from Amazon.

7. 10-Pack CiyvoLyeen Forest Friends Animals Felt Masks

Your guests can play pretend as they enjoy wearing these felt animal masks during and after the party. This set is perfect for a woodland-themed party. Kids can role play their favorite woodland animal with other party guests. These may be simple party favors but they bring out lots of fun! You can buy a 10-pack set here.

8. DIY Slime Kit

Making slime is now an “in” thing among kids and adults. So why not include a DIY slime kit in your favor bag? Your guests are sure to enjoy concocting their very own slime. They can add glitter, beads, a surprise toy, and many more! Get this set from Amazon.

9. Dong-a Toru Dino Crayons

Here’s a unique and creative take on your usual crayons. These dinosaur-shaped crayons are sure to bring our some ROAR-some artworks from your little guests, as well as their parents. Kiddos will love these dino crayons and will enjoy working on some seriously stomping masterpieces. Purchase this from here.

10. Hawaiian Children’s Canvas and Paint Set – Island Hula Mermaids

Lastly, this painting set will bring out the creativity in your little guests. The little Picassos can create works of art easily with the guided canvas illustration. They will spend their time enjoying the party and painting their own canvasses. You can get this set from Amazon.

There are more unique and useful party favors that you can give away to your guests below:

These unique party giveaways will put a smile on your guests’ faces. These fun giveaways promote creativity and imagination. Include these in your favor bags and you’ll surely have a memorable party.

You can find unique party favor bags for your giveaways here:

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