We made it! We’ve overcome the struggles, we learned lessons and we had fun last year. Now that a New Year is coming, it’s time to gear ourselves to become better. It’s time to change our bad habits and make better new ones. But where to start? Let’s start by being organized and updated.

We’re here to help you on how you can update your life 2016. We also included the things you needed. Just click on the bold underlined items to shop.

This is definitely the perfect moment to start cleaning our homes. Let go of the things that you don’t need anymore, and keep things organized.

Update you Hom

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Update your home prods

Basically, a good storage is necessary to keep things in place. Why don’t you begin sorting out the tiniest objects that clutters almost all parts of the house? Most of them are the little toys of the kids, hardware tools of the fathers, etc. Put them in a dividing storage cabinet that’s versatile and durable. On the other hand, put clothes in designated baskets.

When it comes to dealing with garbage, avoid the hassle with automatic motion trash cans. They’re a big help when you do major house cleaning.

After disposing and organizing, do not forget to clean the house with disinfecting wipes. Wipe the doorknobs, kitchen tables and other parts of the house that are mostly prone to bacteria.

Lastly, change your beds with new bed sheets and use a high-quality pillow protector. Use something that will prevent dust mite and bed bugs from damaging your pillows.

Of course, not only your house needs an update. It’s also time for your workplace to have a makeover.

Update Your Office

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 Update your Office prods

Usually, a lot of papers are now piled up on your tables. Check the documents that you still need and keep them in storage binders. You may put labels so that you can easily find them once needed. Try to get something new for your office so that you’ll be more motivated to work. A good all-in-one printer can be a big help.

Lastly, get a new office chair to feel better when and relaxed when you’ll start working this 2016.

Cleaning and organizing is over, let’s now talk about what you should do!

Being able to organize and fix your place is already a great achievement this New Year. Relax and reward yourself with some awesome books.

Relax with New Reads

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books to read

Start the year wiser and better with One Year Wiser. There are already a number of people that can prove how meditation can make someone’s life better. It helps people make better decisions, it lessens the feeling of stress and it gives people a much brighter outlook in life. Be guided and inspired to become a calm thinker with this book.

If you love reading stories, then you’ll surely be hooked with the best-selling Humans of New York Stories. HONY just started as a simple page in Facebook where random people in New York are being interviewed and featured. As time pass by, more and more people and stories are being exposed. Some are heartbreaking, amazing and moving. It soon became as one of the most visited pages and gained more than 12 million followers. You can now read them all with this book! Discover the stories of different people that can make you laugh, cry, in awe and inspired.

Part of making yourself better this New Year is by acquiring a new skill. Learning has no age limit. As long as you have the chance, grab it.

Learn Something

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learn something new

If you’re interested in learning how to play a musical instrument, then have a guitar starter pack. Everything you need from the instrument to the chord guides and notes are there. On the other hand, if you want to improve your communication skills, learn a new language. A language course software can be your teacher if you can’t attend actual classes.

Bring out the artist in you by learning crafts! You can try Martha Stewart’s Embossing Starter Kit. With this, you can make cards and artistic prints!

Make the most out of everything this New Year! Be better, improve your skills, and make this year great!

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