Pregnancy is a roller coaster ride. There are times when you as a pregnant mother feels ecstatic but there are times when you feel low because of the changes that your body experiences. However, nothing beats the happiness you feel knowing that you will see your baby after 40 weeks. In order to have a healthy baby, you also need to stay fit and healthy. These are some of the helpful tips you need on how to stay a healthy momma while you’re on your pregnancy journey.

1. See your doctor regularly.

See your doctor regularly.Going to your doctor for checkups on a regular basis is important. From the moment you find out you’re pregnant, it’s best to get prenatal care as soon as possible. You can schedule an appointment with your doctor to receive the medical you and your baby need. Be sure to keep track of your appointments to avoid missing one. You can try creating a pregnancy journal to take note of all your doctor’s advice and your following checkups.

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2. Eat right.

02 eat healthy

When you’re pregnant, you’re eating for two. Therefore, you cannot just eat anything you want. You have to be conscious of your diet to ensure that you and your baby are getting the right nutrition. You can include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. You can also include carbohydrates such as bread, rice, and pasta. For protein, stick to healthy meats such as chicken and fish. Shop for healthier food options here:

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3. Take your supplements.

03 supplements

Pregnant mothers need additional supplements for them and their babies. Consult with your doctor to know what type of supplements you need. You may be advised to take fish oil supplements, Vitamin D, Calcium, Folic Acid, Iron, and Multivitamins to keep you and your child healthy. Be sure to follow doctor’s advice before taking any medication or other food supplements. You can shop for them below:

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4. Keep away from unsanitary foods.

Keep away from unsanitary foods.

There are several types of food that pregnant women must avoid. They pose a health risk for you and your baby. These foods include undercooked meat, raw fish, raw shellfish, undercooked meals, sunny side up eggs, unpasteurized milk, unwashed fruits and vegetables, and more. Try your best to avoid these to keep you and your baby away from illnesses such as salmonella, listeriosis, and toxoplasmosis.

5. Hydrate.

05 hydrate

It’s always best to keep yourself hydrated. Always bring a water bottle with you to keep your body cool. Staying hydrated will help you fuel your body whenever you need to.

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6. Do some exercises.

Do some exercises.

It’s also advisable to do some exercise during your pregnancy. However, you need to consult your doctor first before participating in any type of exercise regimen. Some of the most common exercises that pregnant women do are brisk walking, swimming, pilates, yoga, and aquanatal classes. You can try doing some simple breathing and yoga exercises at home.

06-01 yoga may

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7. Get plenty of sleep and relaxation.

Get plenty of sleep and relaxation.

Lastly, it’s important to get enough sleep. Sleep allows your body to recharge and rest. It’s a great way to relieve you from stress and fatigue. You can also try to pamper yourself. Get a foot massage or treat yourself to a spa. However, consult your doctor and ask for advice on what type of massages and treatments you’re allowed to have. To get a good night’s sleep, try using a pregnancy pillow.

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Learning how to stay a healthy momma is beneficial for you and your baby. It prevents you as well as your baby from having pregnancy complications. Enjoy your pregnancy by staying positive and healthy.


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