Fact: Santa is leaving and Cupid is coming to town soon.

Yes, Valentines’ Day is just a few days away. If you’re Facebook looks like you are ‘in a relationship’, married, engaged, in- some- kind- of romantic- partnership, then, you are certainly looking forward to the surprises and sweetness that are sure to come. But what if, you are currently single, unattached, uncommitted until the fateful day of Feb 14? Should you skip the date and miss the bliss? No way! No matter what kind of single you are- new, old, has-always-been-since-birth- cheer up and ponder on these fabulous ways to celebrate the season of love SINGLEhandedly!


Share the love with some DIY!

If you are an artsy- pantsy, share your love to everyone- friends and families- with a DIY! This way, you don’t have to think about how miserably single you are. Why should you, when you’re busy crafting masterpieces of love! No idea how? Martha Stewart’s Valentine’s Day craft guide is ready for you to check out!


If love’s no luck, keep calm and BAKE!

Maybe, it’s not about you. Maybe, lack of luck played its way on your search for a life partner. If you are, press the pause button please and think of something you can do that is absolutely worth your energy, like, aherm, BAKING! Try the recipes from  Sally’s Baking Addiction: Irresistible Cookies, Cupcakes, and Desserts for Your Sweet-Tooth Fix and taste the fruit of your labor- maybe an Eat-Your-Heart- Out cake or a Mushy- cutesy munchkin!

Law of Attraction, section one: Decorate

Remember this overly popular rule? It has evolved to intensify the force field of attraction. How? Take the idea out from the corners of your brain, to the walls of your living room! To attract the idea of love (of different forms), decorate your house with hearts, cupid, and arrows. Put up a ‘heart’ station in one corner, where you and your friends could make the most elaborate V- day décor! Here are some heart- shaped crafts from Martha!


Go to an I- love– myself date!

Admit it, you’re single and there’s nothing wrong about being one! As there is no greater love other than how you should love yourself, you deserve some lovin’ on the heart day. Go and treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner, a lucrative trip to the spa or a super- relaxing out- of- town travel.  “Only when you love and take care of yourself fully can you find your true love”, says fairy godmother/someone- from- the- fairytales!


Set up your own massage/ spa tub!

Host a Singles’ Party!

Where do lonely hearts go? To an all- singles party! Host one and get more up close and personal with your friends in the club. Each one can share her story, choose her own Hot- Guy-On- Stick, perk up her own love station and play the ‘love’ game her own way


Make your Single club pal your instant best friend!

Are you single and so not looking forward for the Valentine’s Day? Change the mood- the season isn’t just for lovers alone. There are lots to celebrate in being single and there are fabulous ways to do just that! All the Single Ladies- put your hands up and seize the day!

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