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Turn heads while still looking professional with these power outfits you can wear to work!

Something Black

Black can never go wrong in the corporate world. No wonder it’s the ultimate go-to color, even outside of work. Aside from being a safe choice, black also flatters most body types and complexion.

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Our Pick: KAMALIKULTURE Women’s Shirt Dress

Why It Works? It’s collared and provides ample coverage while still showing some skin with its midi-length and split neckline.

Something Floral

Nothing better to represent girl power than floral-printed work clothes. Depending on where you work, it is best to avoid super bright colors when opting for florals.

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Our Pick: Adrianna Papell Women’s Floral Printed Faux-Wrap Dress

Why It Works? It is floral but in a subdued teal-black color combination. The fact that it’s a wrap dress is also a plus as most work dresses tend to be of more simple styles.

Something Wild

Who says you can’t wear animal prints to work? They’re classy yet not too loud. The key is choosing the right type of animal print — yes, they’ll matter!

Another tip would be to tone it down in terms of accessories and shoes. If you’re planning to wear a top only or bottom only piece, make sure to stick to plain colors to pair with the busy print.

x animal print

Our Pick: VELVET BY GRAHAM & SPENCER Women’s Animal Print Surplice V Neck Blouse

Why It Works? Cat patterns will almost always work and this season is no exception. Leopard prints are a must-have this year, as they’ve been in the past years.

Something Stylish

Play with new cuts and styles when it comes to choosing clothes for work. Experiment and try out stylish new trends paired with classics for a chic new outfit that’s not entirely all brand new.

x fllyaway

Our Pick: Anne Klein Women’s Crepe Flyaway Suit Jacket

Why It Works: The color is absolutely lovely and the cut is definitely a fresh take on the usual work blazers.

Something Sparkly

Stand out with outfits which incorporate just the right amount of sparkle to get you noticed. We’re not saying you should wear gold to work but sparkles aren’t off limits in the corporate world.

x pantsuit

Our Pick: Jessica Howard Women’s 3/4 Sleeve Printed Ruched Waist Pantsuit

Why It Works: The open jacket and its sparkle detail, the ruched waist and it’s a pantsuit! You will love the fabric, we promise.

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Which outfit would you wear to work?