Wearables are expected to get past the infancy stage this year, according to Engadget. And it seems that tech companies are eyeing a very popular and well-loved market: babies and kids.

Not that it’s a bad thing. Like everything else, wearable technology does make things better, if used appropriately.

Speaking with CBS News, David Soberman, a marketing professor at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, said:

“Parents worry about their children.… If you give them a device which can help them understand the situation and potentially identify problems at a distance or be alerted even if you’re not at a distance, this can sort of serve a need that addresses the fears and the concerns that a lot of parents have.”

So are these wearable gadgets really helpful? Check out 5 wearables for babies and kids below, and be the judge!

LeapFrog LeapBand

PicMonkey Collage leapband

The LeapFrog Activity Band is a children’s activity band that encourages physical activity through fun challenges. Kids run, jump and play to earn rewards and power a customizable pet pal that lives on the band.

Buy on Amazon (Available in Blue, Green & Pink)

Levana Oma Clip-On Portable Baby Movement Monitor with Vibration Alert and Audible Alarm

Levana Oma Clip-On purple


  • Movement monitor which alerts both you and baby if no movement is detected
  • Vibration alert which helps stimulate the return of regular abdominal movement after 15 seconds.
  • Audible alarm after 20 seconds of no abdominal movement.
  • Portable, battery powered monitor with no wires or cords, meaning it can be used anywhere baby sleeps.
  • Superior clip keeps the soft sensor snug against baby’s abdomen.

Levana Oma Clip-On orange

Buy on Amazon (Available in White/ Purple & White/ Orange)

Mimo Smart Infant Monitor

Mimo Smart Infant Monitor

The Mimo Smart Infant Monitor sends your baby’s sleep, body position, and breathing data in real-time to your smartphone or tablet.

Sensors on the kimono pick up your baby’s breathing patterns, and the snap-on Turtle senses movement, body position, and skin temperature. The Turtle then sends all of that information via Bluetooth Low Energy to the Lilypad, which then relays that data and live audio through your home internet to your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

Buy on Amazon (Available in 3 sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months)

Levana Digital Baby Video Monitors

The brand offers 3 baby video monitor models:

levana astra

Levana Astra Digital Baby Video Monitor

levana stella

Stella Digital Baby Video Monitor

Levana lila

Lila Digital Baby Video Monitor

Each model packs different specs and features but all allow parents to keep track of baby’s sleep via a video monitor and also detect abdominal movement.

Buy on Amazon ( Available in Lila, Stella & Astra)

iSwimband Personal Drowning Detection System (for iOS)


Worn as a comfortable tamper-resistant wristband, you’ll be alerted immediately should the child enter the water Worn as a lightweight headband or goggle strap, be alerted immediately should your swimmer remain submerged for a preset period of time.

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