Easter baskets have been a part of tradition ever since we can remember. Parents give an Easter basket to their child during spring and it has been one of the most celebrated traditions today. Giving out Easter baskets are not just for children anymore. Nowadays, even adults are giving each other Easter baskets just to keep up with the tradition and to add more fun to the occasion. Here are some important pointers and info you need to know about Easter baskets before you start making one:

  • Easter is a religious celebration that commemorates the day Jesus rose from the dead. It’s a festive celebration that involves dyeing Easter eggs, going on Easter egg hunts, and decorating Easter baskets.

  • Easter baskets symbolize fertility. They also symbolize new life – a perfect celebration of spring. However, nowadays, more and more people have embraced the Easter celebration that’s why they’ve also adopted giving our Easter basket.

  • When decorating Easter baskets, it’s best to think of a theme. Start with a main theme and work your way from there.

Easter Basket Themes and Ideas

Try out these cute and unique Easter basket ideas that are perfect for any age!

Baby’s First Easter Theme

Whether it’s your baby girl or baby boy’s first Easter, this basket idea is perfect! Fill it with baby essentials and let your little one enjoy the basket. You can include booties, a baby story book, a plush toy, a teething toy, and more. Make sure to include items that also remind you of spring just to stick to your theme. Get these items that are perfect for this Easter basket theme:

(1) Guess How Much I Love You Board Book by Sam McBratney, Amazon (2) Baby GUND Thistle Bunny Stuffed Animal Plush in Cream, Amazon (3) Infantino Good bites Textured Carrot Teether, Amazon (4) Baby Some Bunny Loves Me Set, Amazon (5) Tesa Babe Easter Bunny Ears Romper, Amazon

You can also shop for other items that you can include in this basket here:

Baker’s Easter Basket Theme

If you know someone who’s into baking, giving them a baking Easter basket. Using a large mixing bowl as the basket, you can fill it with baking tools such as measuring spoons, baking spatula, whisk, cupcake linings, cupcake toppers, and more. Get these items for your baking Easter basket:

(1) Gourmet Home Products 6-Piece Mixing Bowl Set, Amazon (2) COOK with COLOR 2-Piece Whisk Set, Amazon (3) GA Homefavor 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, Amazon (4) Baker’s Secret 5-Piece Measuring Spoon Set, Amazon (5) Mirenlife Reusable and Non-Stick Mini Silicone Baking Cups, Amazon

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Nail Care Eggs Theme

Instead of giving out an Easter basket, you can opt to give giant Easter eggs that contain nail care items. You can use different colored nail polish, as well as other items related to nail care. This giveaway for Easter is perfect if you have older kids and adults as guests during your Easter celebration. Purchase this to create this Easter gift:

(1) Rhode Island Novelty 6-Inch Jumbo Assorted Colored Easter Eggs, Amazon (2) Karma Organic Natural Nail Polish Non-Toxic Nail Paint in Wine O’Clock, Amazon (3) Emosa Nail Polish Non-Toxic Waterbased Kid-Friendly Nail Polish Set, Amazon (4) Envylook Gel Nail Stickers Nail Art Adhesive Set, Amazon (5) Ella+Mila Soy Nail Polish Remover – Acetone Free with Lavender Essential Oil, Amazon

Get more of these fillers for your gigantic Easter egg:

Chocolate Themed Easter Basket

What’s an Easter celebration without the Easter eggs and chocolates? Fill a basket with all the Easter-themed chocolates you can find. Choose Egg-shaped ones, as well as bunny-shaped ones. If you want to keep everything simple, you can simply choose your favorite chocolates. Be sure to fill the basket with all the goodies you can find! Here are some of the yummy chocolates that are perfect for an Easter basket:

(1) 4-Pack Colorful Round Easter Baskets, Amazon (2) M&M’s Milk Easter Chocolate Candy Gift Jar, Amazon (3) 5-Piece Cadbury Crème Milk Chocolate Eggs and 5-Piece Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs, Amazon (4) Godiva Chocolatier Limited Edition 2019 Easter Plush Bunny with Chocolate Foil Eggs, Amazon (5) Lindt Mini Gold Bunny Milk Chocolates, Amazon

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Thinking of an Easter basket idea can be difficult. However, once you’ve finally decided on what theme you’re going to make for your Easter baskets, it’s easier to create them. These Easter basket themes and ideas can help you create baskets that everyone will surely love.

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