You might have heard of the term “hygge” these past few years but have you ever wondered what it really means? Pronounced as “hoo-ga,” hygge is a Danish term of concept that can be quite difficult to describe with words. One can simply describe it as feeling of overall comfort. Picture this: a well-made and comfortable bed that’s layered with cozy blankets and comforters, and a hot cup of tea and your favorite book on your reading area. This scenario best describes the feeling of hygge.

Hygge Small Apartments


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You don’t have to own a huge space just to experience hygge. In fact, hygge is now becoming popular in small living spaces. Hygge small apartments are now trending in the world of home and décor because it enables designers and homeowners to design a space that they feel most comfortable in despite the limited amount of space. This type of décor is popular and trending nowadays due to its simplistic yet functional feel.

How to Create Hygge Small Apartments


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Creating hygge small apartments may seem difficult but with the right home, décor, and furniture, you’ll be able to create one on your own. Try these simple yet beautiful home and décor pieces we’ve found.

1. S/3 Pure Candles in Cashmere

Adding candles to your apartment helps give it a peaceful and instant hygge feel. You can place candles in the bathroom, your bedroom, the living room, and even your reading room. Scented candles help you relax and feel at home in your tiny apartment. Get this 3-candle set from One Kings Lane. These candles are also available in different scents – Freesia, Peony Petals, Mimosa, White Orchid, Pink Magnolia, White Patchouli, White Woods, Vetiver, and Vanilla Cashmere.

2. 12-Inch Succulent Arrangement with Bowl, Faux

Adding succulents to your apartment can also give it the hygge vibe. It’s a breath of fresh air when it comes to redecorating your apartment because they add life and a pop of color to your home. You can get real succulents; however, if you’re not ready for the real deal, you can get faux succulents. Purchase this faux succulent arrangement from One Kings Lane.

3. Vertical Mini Bookshelf in White/Natural

A mini bookshelf can add more storage space to your apartment. It’s also great when you’re planning on creating a reading nook. Choose a bookshelf that doesn’t take too much area so you can maximize the amount of space you have. You can purchase this mini bookshelf from One Kings Lane.

4. Preslyn Club Chair in Natural Linen

Of course, you need a comfortable space when you’re reading in your reading nook. Add an accent chair that doubles as a cozy reading space near your mini bookshelf. Choose a chair that has enough room so you can relax as you read your favorite book. You can grab this beautiful piece of furniture from One Kings Lane.

5. Food52 x Rosti Mepal Ultimate Kitchen Set

Spending time in the kitchen and baking some delectable treats can also be a part of the hygge concept. Cooking in your kitchen can make you feel at home because it gives a relaxing and comforting feeling. If you’re not quite the chef, you can start with this ultimate kitchen set. It has the essentials that you need to start baking. You can get this set from

6. Venezia Duvet Set

Create a bedroom with an inviting atmosphere. Since hygge is all about comfort, layer your bed with comfy pillows, blankets, and quilts. Add anything that can make your bedroom look cozy. Choose neutrals such as whites and grays for a safer choice. You can grab this duvet set from One Kings Lane.

7. Elido Quilt in White

Here is a comfy addition to your bedroom. This Elido Quilt adds comfort and décor to your bed easily. You can add this to your comfortable bed together with other essentials such as pillows, blankets, and comforters. You can buy this from One Kings Lane.

8. Frieling Stainless Steel Tea Service Set

Enjoy a relaxing tea in your hygge-inspired home using this tea service set. You can even invite your friend over for some comforting tea time. This set is perfect for your small apartment as it gives off a comforting vibe. You can purchase this set for

9. Summer Hill Coffee Table in Cream

When creating a hygge small apartment, it’s important to choose versatile and functional furniture. This coffee table is the perfect example. It provides additional storage, as well as decorative element to the living room. You can buy this stunning piece from One Kings Lane.

10. 2’x3’ Hudson Faux Sheepskin Rug in Ivory

Finally, a comfy-looking rug can make any room feel inviting. This faux sheepskin rug is a beautiful addition to your living area, bedroom, and even your bathroom. White is the safest choice but you can also use gray and beige shades as well. You can get this faux sheepskin rug from One Kings Lane.

Hygge small apartments are beautiful despite their size. With the right furniture and decorative pieces, you’ll be able to create one yourself. You just need to choose wisely and have a specific design and feel in mind.

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