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Spring is here and it means new beginnings. It also means that new trends are now here for you to get hooked into. It’s now time to update your wardrobe and grab these trendy fashion pieces that are hot this season. From bags to oversized jackets, you can find a trend that will make you stand out this spring.

2021 Spring Fashion Trends

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These spring fashion trends are here to stay, despite the season. These are the hot trends these days and may stick around for good. Check out the top 5 spring must haves that are trending right now.


Oversized Boyfriend Jackets


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Oversized boyfriend jackets with big or puffed sleeves are trending these days. We can all see this trend in most fashionistas and fashion influencers. This trend brings back the 80s vibe and creates a longer silhouette. Go for neutrals but if you are into being more adventurous, bright colors are the best way to go.

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(1) Alice + Olivia Denny Rolled Cuff Boyfriend Fit Blazer in Bright Poppy

This oversized jacket is truly eye-catching. You can dress this up or down. It can be paired with a business ensemble and it will add a colorful vibe to a powerful outfit. You can also wear this with your favorite pair of jeans for a fashionable casual look. Purchase this from Nordstrom.

(2) Nicole Miller Oversize Dip Dye Linen Blazer in Pink / Yellow

The subtle dip dye effect of this oversized jacket reminds you of the beautiful shades of sunrise. This is a great spring-themed fashion piece because it goes well with the feel of the season. You can buy this from Nordstrom.

(3) Lou Lou Studio Oversized Double Breasted Stretch Wool Blazer in Black / Stripes

If you are in for a formal vibe, this oversized double breasted blazer is perfect for you. You can wear this with your business suit to give off that powerful ladyboss vibe. Order this from Nordstrom.

(4) Proenza Schouler Oversize Woven Blazer in Pink

This cute pink oversized blazer can be work on casual days or during an important business meeting. It may be a pink blazer but it can still exude confidence and power. Pair it with the right bottoms and you are good to go. This is available on Nordstrom.

Find more styles here:




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Headscarves are also trending these days. They are great fashion accessories but they are also add protection to our hair whenever we go out. These fashion pieces remind you of the glamorous phase of the 60s. When you’re going for this trend, choose scarves that are easy to pair with any outfit. You can use this as a headpiece or even as accessories for your bags. Check out the styles we love here:

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(1) Longchamp Roseau Square Scarf in Yellow

A mix of yellow and pink makes a cute scarf. The ombre design also reminds you of sunrise. You can wear this cute scarf over your head to create a casual look. You can get this from Nordstrom.

(2) Burberry Giant Icon Check Cashmere Scarf in Heritage Stone

This iconic pattern adds a classic feel to your entire outfit once you wear this. The checker pattern and the neutral hues makes it easier for you to pair this with almost any outfit you can think of. Purchase this from Nordstrom.

(3) Sole Society Fringe Trim Scarf in Pastel Pink

This color combination reminds you of the ocean. It features relaxing shades that make it easier for you to wear it with any style you’re going for. Grab this from Nordstrom.

(4) Mulberry Check Fringe Wool and Cashmere Scarf in Chalk

This scarf features a wool and cashmere blend that’s comfy and elegant. The blend of colors has a relaxing vibe that’s perfect for a casual or laidback style. This is available on Nordstrom.

You can look for more options below:




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It looks like pastel trends are here to stay. This season, pastels in sorbet hues such as mint greens, teals, pastel blues, lavenders, and pastel pinks are in. You can mix and match different hues to create a refreshing spring look. The soft, as well as buttery hues are just so aesthetically pleasing. Here are some pastel pieces you might love.

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(1) Molly Goddard Larissa Shirred Long Sleeve Midi Dress in Teal

How stunning is this teal midi dress? It’s perfect for a relaxed style. It has a simple charm that’s timeless and feminine. Oh, did we mention that the teal shade is gorgeous? Grab this from Nordstrom.

(2) Allude Roll Neck Ribbed Cashmere Sweater in in Pastel Green

This cashmere sweater has a comfy style. The color is also so gorgeous that it gives off a laid back feel. You can purchase this from Nordstrom.

(3) Aware by Vero Moda Organic Cotton Joggers in Pastel Lilac

We absolutely love lilac and pastel purples so this pair of cotton joggers are a must have for us! The shade is just so lovely to look at – ideal for a sporty style but with a little feminine touch. It’s also available in Cashmere Blue, Prism Pink, and Vintage Indigo colors. Grab these joggers from Nordstrom.

(5) Camper Drift Sneakers in Light Pastel Blue

We love how subtle the blue shade in this pair of sneakers. It’s also available in natural white but the light pastel blue colorway is just so pretty! Get into that athleisure style and complete your look with this pair of sneaks. This is available at Nordstrom.

More pastel pieces can be found here:


Yellow Bags

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2021 is all about the colors of the year. It’s only fitting that yellow bags are trending these days. From plain and classic styles to fringed and signature bags, yellow is now the go-to color. These styles are our favorites right now.

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(1) Ted Baker London Amali Leather Crossbody Bag in Light Yellow

This bag is a mix of playful and chic. It features two straps that you can mix up to match whatever outfit you’re going to wear. This is also available in Black, Brown, and Ivory. Grab this from Nordstrom.

(2) Bottega Veneta The Chain Cassette Bag

If you want a yellow bag that stands out, this is the one for you. The gold chains, as well as the yellow woven details, are just too beautiful together. Also available in Almond / Gold, Black / Silver, Fondente / Gold, Seagrass / Gold, and White / Gold. You can purchase this from Nordstrom.

(3) Simone Rocha Beaded Top Handle Bag

Inspired by a fisherman’s net and the Aran Islands, this bag is truly a work of art. This beaded bag features beads that are intricately designed and are accented using crystals that sparkle. It is also available in Jet and Pearl. Order now on Nordstrom.

(4) Loewe Mini Elephant Leather Crossbody Bag

Here’s a bag that’s perfect for those who want to add personality to their entire ensemble. The elephant design adds a quirky vibe to any outfit you wear. The minimalist design speaks volumes, especially for a bag that’s this cute. It is also available in Candy. This is available on Nordstrom.

You can check out these different styles as well:


Pops of Blue

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Finally, blue accessories are now in style. Adding pops of blue to your entire ensemble makes all the difference this spring. Blue hues can go with almost anything, as long as you know how to style them. You can check out these blue accessories.

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(1) Eileen Fisher Willow Espradille Wedge Sandal in Blue Leather

Look fresh and fun in these espradilles. The blue leather will surely stand out with whatever you’re wearing. It’s has a spring-slash-summer vibe that’s perfect for this season. Find this at Nordstrom.

(2) Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag in Spearmint / Silver

This beautiful padded bag is a great accessory to have. It’s got personality and style that can go with a laid back outfit or a chic style. This is also available in Chalk / Gold, Seagrass / Silver, Grass / Gold, Peachy Silver, and Mallard Gold. You can buy this from Nordstrom.

(3) BDG Urban Outfitters Bucket Hat in Denim

Add a classic charm to your ensemble. This denim bucket hat is a playful addition to your outfit. It also adds a pop of blue to your style. This bucket hat is also available in Tie Dye. This is available at Nordstrom.

(4) Paris Texas Slouch Boots in Azzurro

Look sexy and sophisticated in these blue boots! Wear it with a skirt or even a pair of skinny jeans or leggings. These boots are a great way to spruce up your style. Order now from Nordstrom.

More pops of blue accessories here:


These spring fashion trends are worth trying out. They are new and they have a fresh take on spring fashion. You can choose a trend that will go well with your overall style. However, if you are more daring and adventurous, you can try all of these trends and create a variety of looks for this season.

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