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National Tell a Story Day is celebrated every April 27th. Telling stories is one of the best ways to establish a bond with anyone. Whether you’re a parent, who wants to spend quality time with your kids through story time or you are with your friends, who want to catch up, telling stories is a way to communicate with people. It’s also a way to spark imagination and encourages learning for children, as well as adults.


National Tell a Story Day Reads


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National Tell a Story Day may seem like it’s meant for kids. However, adults can also enjoy this day to read a book or spend time with friends and family and tell life stories – or even make up a new one. If you are a parent or you have kids at home, celebrate this day with them. Find a good read and tell a story. If you’re looking for books that both kids and adults can enjoy together, Teelie Turner Author has a wide range of magical stories that can trigger anyone’s imagination. Here are some books that we think you will enjoy reading on Tell a Story Day.


Eliza the Easter Fairy

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

This book tells a story of Eliza, who is a fairy in charge of painting and decorating Easter eggs. Together with her magical friends and her Easter animal friends, Eliza works hard to finish her tasks just in time for Easter. This is a good read, even if it’s an Easter-themed book because of all the magical events happening in the story. Kids and adults are sure to enjoy each and every page of this story book. Available in Kindle and Paperback. You can purchase this on Amazon.


Tommy Tinker and The Sacred Trees of Ireland

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

Tommy Tinker is another magical fairy who loves adventures. This is Tommy Tinker’s latest adventure. Join him as he travels to Ireland. He is joined by some friends and family to help save the sacred trees from those who plan to wreck them. This book teaches us the value of courage. Each page will just keep you wondering whether Tommy Tinker’s mission is a success. This story is also available in Paperback and Kindle. Grab a copy now from Amazon.


The Adventures of Pirate Pete and the Lost Fairy Treasure

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

If you and the kids love hunting for treasure, you should join Pirate Pete in one of his many treasure hunts! Pirate Pete is a fairy pirate, who loves to sail the seas in search for anything precious. This book tells the story of one of his hunts and lets you have a glimpse of what it’s like to be a magical pirate fairy. This storybook is available in Kindle, eBook, Paperback, and Audiobook. You can get your own copy on Amazon.


The Magical Fall Journey through Fairyland Volume 1

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

This book is perfect for the season. Become awestruck at how beautiful fall fairy gardens are. This may not be your classic story book but it introduces you and the little ones to the beauty of creating fairy gardens. This will also be a great chance for you and the kids to create your own stories as you browse through each page. This also comes in Volumes 2 and 3. You can purchase this in Paperback and Kindle. Purchase Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 on Amazon.


Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

Here’s another one of Tommy Tinker’s many adventures. This time, he ventures to find the Lost Candy Factory. Read through each page and you’ll have fun going on a quest with Tommy. This book is available in eBook, Paperback, and Kindly. You can buy this on Amazon.


Esperanza the Hope and Faith Fairy

National Tell a Story Day, Tell a Story Day, Teelie Turner Author

Esperanza is a fairy that gives you hope and faith, especially during tough times. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness, Esperanza’s magical story was created to give anyone who’s battling breast cancer a glimmer of hope and a leap of faith to help them overcome their ordeal. This is a beautiful story that adults and children can learn a lot from. Available in Paperback and Kindle. You can purchase a copy from Amazon.


National Tell a Story Day is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy different stories from books, as well as your family and friends. These books may seem like they are for children but adults can also find them entertaining and fun.


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